RDR Board Meeting Minutes – November 2014

SLO Running Deer Ranch Company, Inc. Board Meeting – 8 November, 2014
Lobo Residence, Running Deer
Jerry Reese………………President
Kelly Lobo………………..Vice-President
Bob Boals…………………. Secretary
Louise Oganesian……….Treasurer
Jess Felgenhauer……….. Board Member
Renda McAlister………… Board Member
Carol Bosman Anderson..Board Member

Leo Kennedy/Carl Steinkraus… SNRA Reps Don Bullard/Chuck Enterline… NRWMAC Reps
Call to Order by Jerry Reese @ 9:06 AM
Board members present; Jerry Reese, Bob Boals, Kelly Lobo, Louise

Oganesian,(for a few minutes at the start of the meeting) Jess Felganhauer, Renda McAlister, And Carol Bosman Anderson
SNRA representatives; Carl Steinkraus And visitors; Gary Bosman, Dale McLung, Carl and Thelma Bell, and Jerry Ford
Opening Statement from Jerry Reese;
Jerry Wanted to thank Kelly Lobo for the use of her house for the meeting. It was also mentioned that Louise Oganesian had stopped by to give the treasury amounts to date, but had to leave for a family matter.
Review of last meeting minutes. Bob Boals
Last meeting minutes were approved by online vote and
published to the membership.
TRESURER’S REPORT: Louise Oganesian
$15,000 was paid to Fredric’s for the remainder of the road
contract for 2014. Also she requested a 3x increase in the money

set aside for postage to account for the weight of the keys being purchased.
1/3 of of Aluffo road from the launch ramp is completed. The next phase for 2015 is for the repair of the middle 1/3 at a cost of $15,000.
Motion: Bob Boals 2nd Kelly Lobo
Approve the 2015 road work at the pre-determined cost of $15,000
Passed: Unanimous
DOCKS: Jess Felgenhauer
Waiting for the water level to rise to help determine permanent dock locations. Also a survey of the point by Jessie is a possibility depending upon price and availability of his survey company.
One concern is the cable required to make a legal dock mooring. It needs to be discussed between Jessie and the dock owners how
to pay for this material, as the non-dock owning membership will not be burdened with this cost.
By the next meeting we will have a plan for the dock locations. DRAGON DOCKS LLC: Jerry Reese
Anchors and cables have been installed. The next step is to get material to the site and start construction of the floating structure.
Motion: Jessie Felgenhauer 2nd Carol Bosman
Approve granting permission for the use of the launch ramp for the assembly of the dock for a time not to exceed one day. Advance notice of this date to be sent to the general membership.
Passed: Unanimous (As Dragon Dock members, Jerry Reese and Bob Boals recuse from vote)
Motion: Kelly Lobo 2nd Jessie Felgenhauer
To move the 2 docks currently in the location of the Proposed Dragon dock. Within 30 days after the docks float, said docks will
be moved to a new location as determined by Jessie.
Passed: Unanimous (As Dragon Dock members, Jerry Reese and Bob Boals recuse from vote)
FIRE: Jerry Reese
The sale price of the fire truck will start at $5000. Jerry stated
the engine does need to be repaired and that he and Don and will get it running at no cost to the membership.
A Knox box has been installed at the front gate at a cost of $199.36 This cost is to be split 50% with SNRA making our cost. $99.68
Motion: Carol Bosman 2nd Kelly Lobo
To pay for 1⁄2 of the $199.36 cost of the Knox box. ($99.68) Passed: Unanimous
Carol Bosman drafted fire emergency guidelines to be put on a bulletin board at the front entrance. They were distributed to the board members and at the next meeting we will have a decision as to what will be installed at the front gate.
GATES/KEYS: Jerry Reese
Motion: Renda McAlister 2nd Kelly Lobo
To approve the purchase of 250 keys for point and ramp access for the 2015 season.
Passed: Unanimous
CORRESPONDENCE: Bob Boals No Email items to report.
Nick needs to be notified and asked to update the website to reflect the current board members.
Email lists of boats using Piru Lake continue to be sent to Mussel
inspectors on a monthly basis.
NRWMAC: Don Bullard, Chuck Enterline Nothing new to report.
SNRA:Leo Kennedy, Carl Steinkrous
A repair was needed for the front gate control and the Knox box
was installed.

Misc. Services: Kelly Lobo
Motion: Carol Bosman 2nd Kelly Lobo
For 1 Porta Potty to be installed the week before Memorial Day and removed the week after Labor day.
Passed: Unanimous
Open Discussion: Nothing was added.

Next Meeting:
January 17th 9:00 am At Kelly Lobo’s home on Whispering pines
Ln. Adjournment:

Motion: Jerry Reese 2nd Bob Boals Meeting adjourned 9:40 AM