South Nacimiento Road Association

SNRA Board Members

Lee DavisPresident805-574-3059
Ken ThomasVice President/Cal-Shasta(805) 481-9069(805) 239-4269
(805) 458-1426
Chuck EnterlineSecretary805-239-1228
Sue KennedyTreasurer(805) 635-7074(805) 286-7901
David Ross
Tim CramerCal-Shasta805-331-9825
Faron GoodwinTri-Counties(805) 423-5734
Randy TognazziniTri-Counties(805) 448-8108(805) 473-2591
Cindy McGeeNewsletter/Cal-Shasta(805) 440-6276
Russ JohnsonPrivate Properties(805) 237-8608(805) 260-0670
Jeff AmosPrivate Properties(805) 441-4871
Leo KennedyRunning Deer(805) 635-7074(805) 286-7881
Roger StabenRunning Deer805-320-6321
Brent McClurgSouth Shore(805) 680-8027
Charlie SibbachWeb Editor(805) 610-8997

SNRA Board Meetings:

Your SNRA board encourages you to share your thoughts and ideas. If you would like to place an item on the agenda please contact Lee Davis and/or your community representative in a timely fashion prior to the upcoming board meeting. The remaining SNRA meeting dates for 2023 are listed to the right, or below on mobile devices.

May 21st 9am 

August 13th 9am

October 8th 9am

November 12th 9am