South Nacimiento Road Association

SNRA Board Members

John HunterPresident(805) 543-8970(805) 801-2462
Ken ThomasVice President/Cal-Shasta(805) 481-9069(805) 239-4269
(805) 458-1426
Chuck EnterlineSecretary805-239-1228
Sue KennedyTreasurer(805) 635-7074(805) 286-7901
Faron GoodwinTri-Counties(805) 423-5734
Randy TognazziniTri-Counties(805) 448-8108(805) 473-2591
Cindy McGeeNewsletter/Cal-Shasta(805) 440-6276
Lee DavisCal-Shasta(805)574-3059
Russ JohnsonPrivate Properties(805) 237-8608(805) 260-0670
Jeff AmosPrivate Properties(805) 441-4871
Leo KennedyRunning Deer(805) 635-7074(805) 286-7881
John CrassRunning Deer(805) 320-5928
Brent McClurgSouth Shore(805) 680-8027
Charlie SibbachWeb Editor(805) 610-8997

SNRA Board Meetings: Due to Covid-19, members are asked to contact John Hunter and/or their community representative to put an item on the agenda. We want to hear your thoughts and ideas. If you plan on attending the meeting, please wear a mask and practice social distancing. The upcoming SNRA Meeting/Event schedule is listed to the right, or below on mobile devices.