History & Information

SLO County Running Deer Ranch Company, Inc.~
History & Information
Lake Nacimiento ~ Paso Robles, California
Running Deer Ranch consists of Running Deer Ranch #1 located from Aluffo Road to the boat ramp; Running Deer Ranch #2 is located from the Main Gate on Chimney Rock Road to Town Creek; and, Running Deer Ranch #3 (South Running Deer) is located across Chimney Rock Road. All three locations have access to the Lake and the boat ramp, and have access though the Main Gate on Chimney Rock Road.
In 1977, a Grant Deed of Easement was given by the owner of the parcel located to the right of the boat ramp to Running Deer Ranch Company, Inc. This non-profit corporation was formed only to protect this easement known as the “Point.” In 1983, the Corporation was renamed San Luis Obispo County Running Deer Ranch Company, Inc. At this time the Corporation’s specific purpose was stated as “…to preserve the recreational easement of the Point property and maintain the roads so all members may get to, use and enjoy the Point.”
The SLO Running Deer Ranch Inc., has a Board of Directors that is elected each year at the General Membership Meeting which is held on Memorial Day weekend. Dues are collected from members each April and Newsletters are sent out periodically. The dues are set at the Memorial Day General Meeting each year for each property owner. The By-Laws establish identical dues for each “family: in RDR. This means if a piece of property is owned by two separate families, then each family pays identical dues. A Point Key is issued upon receipt of a signed CUP and payment of your annual dues.
The SLO Running Deer Ranch, Inc., maintains Aluffo Road to the boat ramp.
The South Nacimiento Road Association (SNRA) maintains Running Deer Road from the Main Gate to the Gage Irving “Y” and Gage Irving Road to Town Creek. RDR property owners contribute a portion of their dues to SNRA every year for their fair share of this road maintenance. Over the last 15 years, the roads have been improved from dirt to paved roads thanks to the cooperation of all property owners and the SNRA.
The Main Gate is electric and property owners must have a code to open the gate. As a new property owner, please contact Leo Kennedy for your gate code. The RDR code is changed periodically; the contractor/guest code is changed monthly. The contractor/guest code is the code you should give to guests and/or contractors that are doing work for you. You can e-mail Leo at runningiron@wildblue.net or call him at 805-226-0697. Proof of ownership is required. You should have received a Main Gate key from the person you purchased your property from. It is IMPERATIVE that you have a key for emergency situations, i.e., when the power goes out and you must manually open the Main Gate. Please contact the RDR Treasurer for a Main Gate key.
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