Lake Nacimiento South Shore Area

A Firewise Community

Lake Nacimiento South Shore Area is made up of all of the above groups and is located south of the main arm of Lake Nacimiento and west of the Las Tablas Creek and Franklin Creek arms of Nacimiento.  There are about 500 separate property owners, most of which access their property through the Running Deer Ranch Main Gate.  This web site has been established for the use and convenience of the property owners in the South Shore Area of Lake Nacimiento.  Lake Nacimiento is located in San Luis Obispo County but is operated by Monterey County Water Resource Agency.  The following links will get you to each of those agencies for more information about San Luis Obispo County, Monterey County Water Resource Agency and Lake Nacimiento.

Lake Nacimiento may soon be dry if Monterey County doesn’t stop its continued mismanagement of the reservoir and massive taking of water. Please donate to the GoFundMe campaign, as explained herein, to prevent this disaster.


  1. Reverse 911 Service now available
    Go to the San Luis Obispo County Sheriff’s website at to sign up. If you only have a cell phone when in the area, enter it as the primary number.
  2. Road and Emergency Alert Notifications If you are interested in being subscribed to SNRA’s Emergency Text Notification system regarding road work, detours, delays and erosion including fire and safety information. Text SNRA411 to 866-467-0474 and complete two questions to be enrolled.
  3. Emergency Call List Click link to download pdf.