RDR Transit of Manufactured Home Policy

Adopted May 12, 2007; Updated May 23, 2019 
PURPOSE OF CONDITIONS: To establish a set procedure for the temporary removal of the Main Gate Arch to facilitate the delivery of manufactured and/or modular homes and to repair any road damage that may occur behind the Running Deer Ranch (RDR) main gate. The procedure was established at the November 18, 2006, RDR Board of Directors Meeting. It was amended May 23, 2019. 
GATE SPECIFICATIONS: The Arch measures in height: 17’7” on the left side, 18.2‘in the middle, and 16’ on the right side. The gate opening is 17’9” wide measured from the magnet to gate spike. 
1. The SLO County Running Deer Ranch Company Inc. (RDR) Board of Directors shall be notified of any and all deliveries that will require the removal, or partial removal, and replacement of the Arch at the RDR Main Gate and/or transportation over roads behind the gate. 
2. A cashier’s check for $10,000, made payable to SLO Co. Running Deer Ranch Company, Inc. must be presented to the Board of Directors prior to any removal of the Gate Arch or the transportation of any manufactured and/or modular home behind the RDR main gate. These funds are solely for the purpose of repairing any damage to the gate arch and/or roads and drives, if such should occur while the arch is being removed or set back into place and/or while the manufactured and/or modular home is traversing roads behind the RDR gate. If no damages occur, the full amount of $10,000 shall be returned within thirty (30) days of the arch replacement, to the owner of the manufactured and/or modular home. If cost of repair to the arch, gate or road does not exceed $10,000, the balance of the $10,000 less the repair cost shall be returned to the owner of the manufactured or modular home. 
3. Two weeks prior to delivery, Notification of Delivery of the manufactured and/or modular home is to be posted on the RDR bulletin board at the main gate entrance. An email announcement to the owners in RDR will be sent out by the Board to notify them of possible delays on area roads. A representative of the South Nacimiento Road Association (SNRA) will also notify the owners across Town Creek. 
4. While the delivery is in transit, signs will be placed at the main gate and at the intersections of Running Deer Road and Gage Irving Road advising vehicles to use Gage Irving Road and the “emergency exit” at the appropriate time; reasonable traffic control will also be provided. 
5. California Dept. of Forestry (CDF) will be notified of the delivery one week in advance so they may take the delivery into consideration should it be necessary for them to traverse the roads. 
6. Payment of $25 per hour will be paid to one observer representing RDR while the arch is being removed and replaced and/or while the delivery is traversing the roads. This individual will be appointed by the RDR Board of Directors and will be responsible for taking “before” and “after” photos of the Gate Arch. Designee will travel delivery route with property owner in advance to note pre-existing problems on the road. Any subsequent damage will be photographed. RDR rep is not responsible for SNRA roads, which are subject to SNRA guidelines. 
7. Contacts for notification are: 
RDR – Don Bullard 818-319-2628
or Brandee Jankoski 805-448-7587
or RDR email: rdr@gmail.com 
SNRA – Leo Kennedy 805-482-8690 
Cal Fire – 805-543-4244 
Download the printable PDF copy of this policy.