RDR Board Meeting Minutes – March, 2012

SLO County Running Deer Ranch Company, Inc.
Board of Directors Meeting
24 March 2012
9AM, Steinkraus’
9:05 AM Call to order – Mike Brannon
Roll Call
All Directors Present
Jerry Ahrens – member at large
Georgia Steinkraus – member at large
President’s Remarks – Mike Brannon
The newsletter went out to 145 owners. A lot of great effort by all to make it happen. Special thanks to Wayne for putting it all together and providing it in an electronic format. There was a lot of good info for all RDR owners to keep abreast of what is going on.
The Board Gmail account for the Board has been a huge success. It has provided a timely way for owners to communicate with the Board, and get accomplish Board business. We need to ensure that all owners are aware of this.
Last BOD meeting minutes – Don Bullard
Board approved the minutes
Treasurer’s Report – Leo Kennedy
New approved reserves for the Point and Road Maintenance will be funded by the incoming 2012 dues. So far over 70 owners have paid their dues. Response has been good. Given expected bills dues prior to Memorial Day, approximately $15,000 is available in discretionary funding.
Leo reviewed the new RDR Budget Financial and Budget addendum that formally states the Treasurer’s duties and the formulas for distributing incoming funds in the budget. The Board approved the addendum with minor changes.
Point and Roads – Mike Brannon
High Meadow Rd owners performed work on their road and submitted bills and a request for distribution of their budget reserve for the work performed. The Board approved the distribution of the reserve fund for the work
Frederick’s came out and reviewed our required work for crack sealing on Aluffo Rd. First day cost estimate is approximately $2300 and $1800 for the second day. Their crew will be starting work for SNRA at the end of April so we should be able to have work done prior to Memorial Day. The Board approved the expenditure of funds for the crack sealing on Aluffo Rd.
Master Plan – Wayne Woodard
Wayne found a contact with Monterey County who will come out and survey the Point for a potential wake barrier. He seemed pretty supportive and said the process was not too difficult. He does not make the final decision but will review and submit our request. Leo also found a contact with the lake Rangers who can help with removing of abandoned docks or boats.
Wayne stated the recent prohibition of boat parking in the lagoon will be looked upon negatively by the owners since there will be very limited space to park boats. We need to press ahead with plans for a community docks to help relieve the situation. Otherwise, members will have to pull their boats out every day and there will be trailer parking problems. Jessie discussed allowing owners to parking their trailers on his property if the Board agreed to help fund and install a new gate.
Wayne recommended boat trailer parking be allowed on the Point on Memorial Day Weekend. There was discussion on pros and cons. The Board voted to allow boat trailer parking on the Point on Memorial Day weekend, but also pursue potentially using Jessie’s property for the parking.
There was discussion on ways to identify RDR owners’ vehicles and trailers. It was recommended to go back to stickers that were last used in 2007. Wayne recommended 1 sticker per owner for a vehicle and attached trailer and 1 addition pass for and additional vehicle. The Board concurred with Wayne’s recommendation, but it was not decided whether to pay for new stickers or just use the passes we used last year.
Fire – Leo Kennedy
There are fire tanks at Sayler’s, Bullard’s and Fauci’s. They need to be checked out before Memorial Day. The 2012 burn season will end 30 April unless dry weather causes it to end sooner.
Carl Steinkraus provided a burn permit for the RDR Point so we could burn debris on Easter weekend.
Gates – Carl Steinkraus/Leo Kennedy
All new 2012 Point gate keys have been have been received. The lock will be change 1 April 2012 when RDR dues are due. Keys will be mailed out to owners when their dues are received.
There was discussion on installation of a future gate on Aluffo Rd to better control access to the Point and launch ramp. Don described his previous research on solar powered security gates. Mike state his company had installed numerous gates like the one that may be needed and said he would get his sub-contractor to do an analysis and provide a cost estimate. Don stated that the purchase of a new gate system would require General Membership approval according to the Bylaws since this was considered a major project.
There was also discussion on the new mussel inspection requirement for 2012 and that lake launch ramps could risk being shut down if they were found to be allowing launching of boats that don’t comply with the inspection requirements. This was cited as another reason to install a new gate as currently we cannot control access to the launch ramp.
Docks – Jessie Felgenhauer
Jessie provided the spreadsheet of approved docks on the Point. Don provided the 2012 RDR dock permission form so that owners’ can apply for their Monterey County permit. Don will mail out the form to all approved dock owners.
Jessie stated the moratorium on new docks on the Point should be discontinued and we should approved new dock requests received from owners. Don stated that it was a little premature to approve requests as the newsletter and email informing owners of new docks request just went out. We need to have time to see how many requests will be received and if it appears there are too many how would it be determined which docks will be approved. Jerry Ahrens stated that only permanent residents should be allowed to have docks since the rapidly lower and rising of the water level has caused numerous dock problems in the past. They need to be tended every 2-3 days. Those who do not live here don’t do it. Wayne stated we need to address and solve the issue of docks and the lagoon for the long term not just a short term solution. There was discussion on how to do that within the Master Plan and potential ways to re-open the lagoon for boat parking with Jessie’s concurrence. It was agreed these are top priorities that needed to be evaluated. The Board agreed to not approve any new dock request until the April BOD meeting, giving owners more time to submit their requests.
Jessie stated that the dock committee needs current docks owners participation. It just can’t be the Board. Dock owners must police themselves and if docks are causing a problem, then they need to take of it among themselves, and not just expect the Board to handle it unless an owners refuse to comply with the RDR dock rules. He also stated that he had contacted the 2 owners that had unauthorized docks on the Point. One had removed their dock and the other owner said he would have it moved by Easter weekend.
SNRA – Carl Steinkraus
Frederick’s has received the contract for SNRA 2012 work. They will begin in late April and be working on Gage Irving Rd.
Correspondence – Don Bullard
Don reported that the only correspondence the Board had received was one new dock request. He distributed the final version of the proposed RDR Bylaws changes and the ballot for final review before mailing out to all RDR owners. Board members were to review in the next 3 days and provide final input. Don would make the required changes. Mike will take charge of the printing and mailing.
Easter Weekend Work Party – Don Bullard
Don handed out a proposed work list for the Easter weekend work party. It included three areas of work – The Point cleanup, new signs on the Point and Aluffo Rd patching work. He also provided a list of materials and tools/equipment required for each area. Don volunteered to lead the Point cleanup effort. Jessie volunteered to oversee the construction and installation of the new signs. Mike and Jerry Ford will head the road maintenance. Kelly Lobo will coordinate the afternoon Point BBQ/potluck. Mike will have the new signs made. Don provided the number and wording for each sign. Don will write and reminder email and Leo will send out to all owners. Kelly Lobo will research a floating buoy for placement at the lagoon stating boat parking is not allowed.
Annual General Membership Meeting – Don Bullard
Don handed out a copy of last year’s General Membership Meeting agenda and discussed the requirements that need to be accomplished prior to the meeting. He asked for review and input prior to the next meeting. At the April meeting the agenda needs to finalized and we need to make assignments for conducting the meeting and doing the prep and setup. There will also need to a reminder email sent out about the meeting and informing the owners of any Memorial Day restrictions. Don will compose the email after next BOD meeting.
There was discussion on requirements for Memorial Day security and restrictions, mussel inspections, check points, and collecting of dues and handing out keys. Final decisions will be made at the next Board meeting. The Board approved the contracting of Point security for the Memorial Day weekend.
Next Board Meeting – Mike Brannon
The Board concurred that its next meeting will be 9AM, 28 April at Kelly Lobo’s house.
11:15 AM – Mike Brannon adjourned the RDR Board of Directors meeting.
Don Bullard, RDR Board Secretary