RDR Board Meeting Minutes, June 2013

SLO Running Deer Ranch Company, Inc.
Board Meeting – June 15, 2013
Don Bullard’s
House in Running Deer
Don Bullard…………..President
Bob Boals……………..Vice-President
Chuck Enterlinie…… Sec.
Louise Oganesian…. Tres.
Kelly Lobo…………… Board Member
Jerry Reese………….. Board Member
Jess Felgenhauer…….Board Member
Leo Kennedy/Carl Steinkraus… SNRA Reps
Call to Order by Don Bullard @ 9;05AM
Board members present; Don Bullard,, Chuck Enterline, Bob Boals, Louise Oganesian, Jess Felganhauer, Jerry Reese (by phone). Kelly Lobo, absent.
No SNRA reps or visitors present.
Opening Statement from Don Bullard discussed our purpose this meeting is drafting new rules/regs to include a requirement for both owners and their guests to have a current mussel inspection, as well as a bylaws change voting to add APN numbers for new members. Thismis required to implement what was voted on at the Memorial general membership meeting.
   Don stated our goals for this year include 1-funding Aluffo, the RDR point and the  RDR launch ramp 2-Increase mussel inspection compliance and owner accountability. 3-Begin developing a long range plan for Running Deer  4-Look at ways to improve the launch ramp and 5-proceed with by-law changes.
    Don expressed disappointment over the fact there were only 30 voting members present at the Memorial meeting and yet a far greater number of members were present in Running Deer over That weekend.  A brief discussion suggested that Memorial attendance is based on “necessity.” If everything is going ok, low attendance.
Minutes of our Last Meeting on 04/13/ 2013 were approved by the board via e-mail.  
Treasure’s Report;  Louise said we had between 100 and 102 members currently paid with a goal of 110. We currently have $31,463 discretionary funds available. We changed banks, so no bank fees now.
Treasure’s report was approved by the board with no objections.
Road Mainenance/Point  Don suggested we need a 3 year long range plan for Aluffo Rd estimating costs on today’s prices. Within 3 years the road will need substantial work done. Don suggested he has heard of ways to preserve launch ramps better than what we are currently doing. A plan will be developed to start work in the fall at low water to curb ramp erosion on the left side and cutting back the hill on the right side to widen the ramp to its concrete boarders. Some type of erosion barrier will be needed on both sides. Brian McCarty, a new member with the bylaws changes has offered equipment to help do the work.
    Jesse indicated we need a verification policy as well as changes to the dock rules/regs on our web site. He also stated there needs to be a yearly request from owners desiring to moor a dock on the Point. Yearly approval should not be just automatic.
Master Plan
    With 2 cement tables in place, we have an offer that if  RDR buys one more table another will be donated.
MOTION; to spend up to $1000.00 for a 3rd cement table for the point with the idea one will be donated totaling 4. Motion passed unanimously
FIRE;  Chuck reported a test on the fire wagon went well and we are in good shape. Insurance for the donated Fire Truck came in less than $600.
MOTION; to pay for the liability insurance for the donated fire truck not to exceed $600. Motion passed unanimously
Fourth of July plans Have mussel inspectors Wed—Fri. Security at the point, no parking restrictions (other than normal ones like no trailers). Jesse will make his parking area available. Don will send an email to all owners about 4th of July weekend.
MOTION; pay for the security guard for 4 hours. Passed unanimously
Gates/Keys   Purchases of duplicate keys have almost paid for the entire key/lock process.
Correspondence/Website; NONE
Open Discussion. The board agreed we have way too many signs at the point. A brief meeting at the point later eliminated the problem.
 Next Meeting;  Next meeting in Aug. 10, 2013 at Louise’s house.
 VIA Adjournment; The meeting was adjourned at 10:40 am. 
NRWMAC section addition
llo To the NRWMAC board.
Here is an update from the July 11th Montery County Water Resources Agency Board of Directors Reservoir Operations Committee Meeting.
The Generator at the Naciemento dam has experienced a Catastrophic Failure.
The repair of this generator has not gone well, When they were unloading the replacement parts, the parts were damaged.
The new repaired parts are expected to be installed and put into service by Aug, 11th. 2013
What does this mean?
Water releases out of naciemento will be very low until Aug 11th 2013.
After Aug 11th the plan is to ramp up releases to the maximum possible output.
San Antonio has had very large releases as a result of the failure of the generator plant at Naciemento.
Since the Generator is down at Naciemento they must Cut the power off to the entire dam.
Naciemento is at 751 elevation
As soon as the generator is repaired the plan is to average 400 CFS releases.
There is one complicated thing, If they can not get enough flow, with the combination of Naci and San Antonio, they May cut off the big releases.
It all has to do with NWP diversions, if they can not meet the flow in the river NOAA does not want the river to start up and stop, if they can not meet this than the Big Releases would stop.
Time will tell and they will not know till about 7 days before it happens in Sept or Oct.
Elizabeth Craft was not at the meeting, Tom Sheppard was not at the meeting, thus no Muscle Update at the meeting.
Monterey County has a very odd was of protecting the Lake