RDR Board Meeting Minutes – June, 2012

SLO Running Deer Ranch Company, Inc.
Board Meeting — June 16, 2012
5050 Aluffo Rd, Paso Robles, Ca 93446
RDRboard @gmail.com
President: Don Bullard
Vice-Pres.: Jerry Ford
Sec.: Chuck Enterline
Tres.: Louise Oganesian
Directors: Jess Felganhauer, Bob Boals. Kelly Lobo
Meeting Called to Order by President Don Bullard; 9;05AM at Don Bullard’s house in Running Deer
Opening Statement from Don Bullard; Mike Brannon, past RDR president, will be serving on the board in an advisory position and is not a voting member. To have a quorum, 4 board members must be present.
Roll Call; All current board members present including Mike Brannon, in addition; Leo Kennedy.
Statement of Purpose and Responsibilities; Don outlined our purpose as a non-profit organization, we are an overseer of the Trust for the point. Our original charter did not include road maintenance, but was adopted later.
President; Is to lead our meetings, guide and keep our goals in focus
VP; to serve when the Pres. is absent
Sec.; Cover all correspondence and report minutes of our meetings
Tres; Cover all financial dealing and file with the state any required papers
Directors; to help with all the committees, discuss, help.
Rules of Confidentiality; All correspondence is just to be shared within the RDR board ONLY and a coordinated response given. (expect items like request for keys etc.) Signatures or some form of ID are required for a response. (The password for the RDR mail access will be changed for the new board…Chuck has administrative responsibilities)
-ROAD/PT; Mike Brannon reported the chip/seal project is behind for the moment
Jerry Ford has purchased 5 cages to capture squirrels
-Docks; Jessie and the board received a request to place a new dock at the point.
MOTION was made and seconded to temporarily deny all dock requests at this time due to a need for further study on locations, limits and other factors. Motion Carried unanimously.
-Master Plan; Private dock plan and ramp barrier were topics. Bob Boals volunteered to chair this committee.
-Fire; Fire truck at the Oganesian’s was tested by Leo and Chuck and found to be working. The Emergency Calling List has been updated.
-Gates/Keys; Leo reported a problem of too many unauthorized persons have the permanent gate codes and should be changed. A consensus from the board told him to proceed. At least a 10 day notice needs to be given to authorized persons before the change.
-Correspondence and website.. chuck is to get together with Fran. The Articles and Rules/Regs need updating requiring signatures from the past President and others. Fran is to scan the updated versions into our web site.
-SNRA; Leo reported most of the work is done, with the exception of waiting for the creek to dry for further concrete work
-Misc Services (new).. things like order the port-a-potty etc. Kelly Lobo volunteered to head this committee
-RDR Mussel inspection collected $140 and donated it to our association.. THANKS….; The following Running Deer Ranch members are now inspectors; Jerry Ahrens, Loren Boe, Mike Brannon, Don Bullard, John Crass, Michelle Castro, Chuck Enterline, Millie Gaydosh, Dennis Hamilton, Susan Hannum, Butch Hill, Jim Hill, Jeff Horton, Bert Lindsay, Kelly Lobo, Ken McAlister, Mark Masoner, Louise Oganesian, Mike Russel, Steve Smith, Andrew Spaulding, Steve Spaulding, Jim Subject, John Subject, John Swift, Jeff Urbach
Review of Annual General Membership Meeting;
-RDR dues were set at $300. yr. , new by laws enacted, plans for a new gate along Aluffo were presented, a boom protecting our ramp outlined, mussel inspection issues.
Motion; Accept the minutes for the Memorial Meeting with minor changes, seconded and passed unanimously.
Motion; To prioritize the memberships concerns, motion was made and seconded to place the following in order of priority for the board to explore; 1-Maintain the point and roads as is our boards purpose 2-Assuring authorized persons use the RDR ramp only 3-Mussel Inspection compliance 4-Placing a boom to protect our launch ramp 5-Explore possibilities of a RDR dock. MOTION PASSED unanimously.
Tres. Report; Leo submitted his report; As of 6/15/2012
Total Funds in the bank; $49,096.07
Funds encumbered……… $21,000.00
Available for any use……$28,096.07
MOTION; Motion made, seconded, passed unanimously to accept the report with some clarification to follow.
GATE Placement along Aluffo; It appears 3 sites are likely. At the ramp, at the “Y” and at the beginning of Aluffo off Gage Irving. Don suggested the criteria to decide where; 1-Safety 2-Ease to install and provide power 3-Costs 4-Turn around convenience 5-Least inconvenience to land owners along Aluffo 6-Security 7-Protection of Aluffo road
Various ideas were discussed with pros/cons.
Due to the concerns of the State of California and the potential to close our RDR ramp if the public is found on the lake without Mussel Inspection permits AND they launched from the RDR ramp, Chuck made a motion, was seconded and passed with one dissenting vote by Jesse;
Motion; Install some type of gate at the RDR ramp by the 4th of July using the locks/keys that either open the main RDR gate or the point key. In addition, provide signs in appropriate places as well as information out to our membership. Funding to be provided.
Don suggested we explore the matrix of placing a gate at other places and report back next meeting.
Master Plan; -Discussion on launch ramp barrier; (was noted by both Chuck and Bob that may not be needed), insurance, anchorage, costs etc. -Private/community dock discussion included insurance, relationship with RDR. Enforcement issues discussed. -Regaining lagoon boat parking; Jesse expressed his concerns and circumstances he might permit boat parking again. Don will draw up a proposal to be given Jesse at the next meeting.
Rules/Regs; Chuck suggested we review all our rules/regs to see if all are necessary, being complied with or being enforced. Are there any rules we should have and do not? Leo suggested we combine both the CUP’s and Rules/Regs into one document instead of each time we change one, we must change the other..
4th of July plans; Based on past experience, attendance at the point is small during the 4th and the 4th is mid-week, splitting the two weekends. It was decided to not have security, passes etc.
Request for non-RDR property owners to join; Discussed various issues. We cannot violate our trust, but would like to legally find a way for them to join.
Next Meeting; Aug. 11, 2012 9;00am Don Bullards
Adjournment; 11;05
Respectfully submitted,
Chuck Enterline — RDR Secretary