RDR Board Meeting Minutes – January 2014

SLO Running Deer Ranch Company, Inc.
Board Meeting – Jan. 18, 2014
Louise Oganesian’s
House in Running Deer
Don Bullard…………..President
Bob Boals……………..Vice-President
Chuck Enterlinie…… Sec.
Louise Oganesian…. Tres.
Kelly Lobo…………… Board Member
Jerry Reese………….. Board Member
Jess Felgenhauer…….Board Member
Leo Kennedy/Carl Steinkraus… SNRA Reps
Call to Order by Don Bullard @ 9;05AM
Board members present; Don Bullard, Chuck Enterline, Jerry Reese, Louise Oganesian and Kelly Lobo by phone. Leo Kennedy was the SNRA rep. present.
Visitors; Karl and Thelma Bell, Ken McAlister, Jerry Ahrens, Phil Humprey for a presentation.
Don Bullard’s opening statement; This spring we will need to focus on our ramp repair as well as coordinating with Fredrick’s for road work.
Minutes of the last meeting we approved by the RDR board via e-mail.
Phil Humprey gave a presentation on NRWMAC. He said NARMAC is non-profit, no paid employees, is all volunteer, and has expenses for legal needs among other things. There are 12 people on the board that regulates water release from our lakes and NARMAC (due to a law suit) holds 1 of those 12 positions.
NARMAC’s goals are;-maximize our water levels. –involvement with both SLO and Monterey County over lake issues -Zebra/Quagga mussel education, inspector certification, resident program etc. NARMAC is working on funding a project to bring excess water from Lake Nacimiento to San Antonio resulting in higher lake levels for both.(60-70 million) –raising the fines for not having a mussel inspection permit from $2000 to $10,000. He is asking for donations from the various organizations around the lake with a suggested amount of $25 per member.
Don indicated RDR involvement in the past was primarily accomplished by Norm Flowers who is no longer a member. The RDR Board wants to establish a non-voting position on the RDR Board for a NRWMAC representative from RDR, much like the SNRA position.We need to stay connected and be actively involved. Currently Don Bullard is the current volunteer with Chuck Enterline as back-up.
MOTION; A motion was made by Chuck Enterline and seconded to establish this RDR position by memorandum of record, signed by directors and put in the by-laws at a later time. Passed unanimously.
Treasure’s Report; Louise indicated we have a savings of $32,266.21 which includes a $5000 reserve. In our checking account has $20,885. We have approximately $16,000 for operating fees we have not used.
MOTION; Motion was made by Chuck Enterline, seconded and passed unanimously to accept this report.
Louise indicated the same $425 dues notice be sent out. She also suggested it would be a good idea for the RDR Treasurer to be a permanent member here in Running Deer, as all checks need 2 signatures. Don suggested the possibility of an assistant treasurer living full time here for check signing. (which could be appointed by the board as a non-voting member) Bob Boals was reimbursed and Leo Kennedy submitted bills.
Committee Reports
-Road; Don indicated from the launch ramp to the first curve on Aluffo Rd the road has lost its crack seal and there are shoulder issues. When we get rain it is likely to undermine our deteriorating road. There was a discussion on why we use Fredricks and not others, and Don explained Fredricks has special deals with SNRA which are passed on to RDR. Jerry indicated bids are sought from various contractors. Fredrick’s is able to come in with the lowest bids due to relationship with SNRA. Don indicated we may have to spend up to $25,000 for road repair.
-Docks; The 2014 dock requests are available and due by March. Don indicated all but one dock should be accepted and that dock, the owner is being contacted by Jesse on the situation. All docks must be properly maintained. Jerry presented a variety of dock ordinances for Lake Nacimiento, with the latest one probably 4065.
The co-op dock still needs certain issues solved; -how will it be maintained, -acceptance with Monterey county, location (the current proposed location is with the 150‘ no dock zone, how it will be secured, and issues with rising/falling lake.
-Fire; Don indicated we are in a severe critical state. No burn permits are being issued. He observed 2-3 RDR owners burning. If one observes someone burning, it is best to report to CDF. After talking to CDF, Don indicated it is legal to have a fire to cook or for heat…with proper clearance. Louise suggested we establish a RED FLAG WARNING maybe at the main gate. Leo said he would check into this with SNRA. Chuck said we need to get water into our fire wagon at the Oganesian’s and using anti-freeze to prevent pipes/hoses from freezing may be a solution.
-Gate/Keys; -A thanks from the board to Toni LoCicero for the decorations on the main gate over the holidays.
-Due to very low lake levels and an overabundance of keys not sold last year, it was decided to order only 200 keys this year and more could be added later as needed.
-Correspondence; A request from an owner and an escrow company for HOA guideless for the sale of a home was requested. We are not an HOA and Leo agreed to deal with the requests.
A need to keep updated on upcoming Mussel inspection classes was requested. Chuck said he would work on that.
-SNRA; Leo indicated their next meeting was Sunday and issues included patching roads.
NEXT MEETING; Feb. 22, 2014 at Don Bullards; 9;00am.
ADJOURNMENT; Meeting was adjourned at 11;05.
Submitted by, Chuck Enterline RDR Sec.