RDR Board Meeting Minutes – February, 2012

SLO Running Deer Ranch, Inc.
Board of Directors Meeting Minutes
18 February, 2012
Leo Kennedy’s, 9 AM
9:10 Call to Order – Mike Brannon
Roll Call
Present Absent
Mike Brannon – President Wayne Woodard – Vice President
Don Bullard – Secretary
Leo Kennedy – Treasurer
Jessie Felgenhauer – Director
Jerry Ford – Director
Kelly Lobo – Director
Carl Steinkraus – SNRA Rep
President’s Opening Remarks – Mike Brannon
Wayne’s conference call on the Point Master Plan was well received and had good attendance. There were a few glitches with some people getting connected though. Wayne did a great job directing the meeting and it was real informative. However, there are still some big tasks ahead. We need to progress ahead to define the real concepts envisioned for the Plan. Things like is a community dock feasible, where would it go, how many private docks, construction of a day use area, etc. The meeting opened the door to many good ideas. We will need volunteers to help research specific projects, detail them out with specifics, costs and timeline, and prepare a draft presentation to be presented to the general membership for discussion and eventual approval. Many questions will have to be answered by Monterey County, but so far we have found they have been very difficult to get information from or respond to our phone calls. All and all the meeting got us off to a good start but now the real work has to begin. Thanks again to Wayne for his work on this.
Last Board meeting Minutes – Don Bullard
The Board unanimously approved the minutes of the January 2012 Board Meeting.
Treasurer’s Report – Leo Kennedy
The report showed current total RDR assets at $30,334, with $13,291 held in the reserve funds and $17,043 in the RDR checking account. Outstanding bills prior to the 2012 dues due in April were estimated at about $2000. That leaves about $15,000 in discretionary funds available until the April/May dues come in. Reoccurring annual bills for the remainder of 2012 are estimated at about $8000.
The Board unanimously approved the Treasurer’s report.
There was discussion on formalizing the current road allocations funds procedures in writing, as well as the newly approved reserve funds for the Point and road maintenance.
It was concurred that Leo would draft a “RDR Budget and Financial Procedures” addendum to be added to the Treasurer’s formal duties. Don would make an addition to the Bylaws to show that addendum as a Treasurer duty.
Committee Reports
Point and Roads – Mike Brannon
Discussion of work for Easter Weekend. Need to define and get signs made so they can be installed. Need to mark Aluffo Rd for future crack sealing. Need to define projects to be completed and material required. Need to investigate the procurement of a buoy rope and floating sign for the lagoon to inform members that boat parking is no longer allowed. Kelly Lobo was assigned to do that research and report back to the Board.
Jerry Ford discussed his research of squirrel abatement. Bait is available over the counter at farm stores as are the required traps. The issue will be servicing of the traps. If they are not filled regularly and go empty the program will not be effective, the squirrels will just go to a different spot. Will need volunteers over an extended period of time to service the traps with bait. We will need to be judicious about the traps to protect owners’ animals as well as the other wildlife in the area. Will need to survey Aluffo Rd and determine the amount of traps and bait required on regular basis in order to estimate the time and cost required. This should be added to the Easter Weekend work party list to do.
Will need to schedule Aluffo Rd for weed spraying. Mike Brannon has for action.
Master Plan – Mike Brannon
The Master plan discussion was held during the President’s opening remarks.
Fire – Leo Kennedy
The burn season officially ends 30 April 2012. However, it could be called earlier if there isn’t sufficient rain in the future. There have already been some fires in the area. Carl was assigned to register a burn permit for RDR Board so that we could burn on Easter weekend if it is allowed.
Gates – Carl Steinkraus
Carl and Jerry Ahrens repaired the main gate pins that had stripped out so that the gate could operate properly in case of an emergency where it needs to be disconnected. Also they repaired a ground in the keypad that was causing a loud interference on the phone line when the directory is used. They also found the battery backup bad and Jerry ordered one.
Don and Mike initiated discussion on the possibility of putting a new gate at the beginning of Aluffo Rd so that we can control access to Running Deer Ranch right of way easements, and the launch ramp and Point. Don had already done preliminary research on a solar powered, swipe card style gate with exit loop. Will need to resolve access for fire, utilities and contractor, as well as maintenance requirements and who will do it. Mike Brannon stated he would get an estimate on the potential cost from a contractor he knows that does this type of work. The Board concurred to continue to research the new gate.
Docks – Jessie Felgenhauer
There are still unauthorized docks in the lagoon and Point. Mike stated that during the Master Plan call one owner heard his name mentioned about the dock and contacted the Board and said he would move it. (Late note: The owner did move his dock off the Point. The unauthorized dock was moved out of the lagoon onto the Point. However it is still not properly registered or permitted.). We also need to get updated insurance and permit info from authorized dock owners on the Point so that we can send the RDR permission form in March so they can apply for the Monterey County permit in April. Unauthorized docks need to be removed or dismantled.
It was agreed that the Board would send out info to all members asking if any desired to put new docks on the Point in 2012. A survey would be done to determine how many new docks the Point could handle at this year’s expected water level and then those requests would be considered for approval after the lifting of the current moratorium. Don said he would add that information to the newsletter. He also asked Jessie to prepare an email to send out to all owners on the issue.
SNRA – Carl Steinkraus
SNRA had conducted a job walk and detailed 3 major projects for this year. Also there was discussion of the SNRA 5 year plan. Current work was to be the Gage Irving loop. ½ this year and ½ next year. RDR owners’ 2012 SNRA assessment is $125.
Correspondence – Don Bullard
Don stated the Board had received an email from one of the unauthorized dock owners and he responded that the owner was requested to remove it. The Board also received a letter from the owner of the Point stating that he would no longer allow any boat parking in the lagoon at anytime. The lagoon and both of its banks are private property and not part of the RDR point easement. The letter stated this was caused by numerous past abuses on big weekends and that some RDR owners had left docks or boats in there for months at a time. The Board discussed this action and concurred that we need to put up signs informing RDR members of this, but it was the lagoon’s property owner’s responsibility to enforce the no parking. Don said he would add an article to the newsletter informing the RDR members of this new action.
Proposed Draft Bylaws Changes – Don Bullard
The Board closely reviewed the proposed changes to the Bylaws and the reason for them. Several constructive changes were recommended. The proposed Bylaws changes and a ballot need to be mailed out to all RDR owners no later than mid-April. Ballots must be received prior to the convening of the May General membership meeting. A 2/3 approval vote of those ballots received is required to approve the Bylaws changes. Don said he would make the recommended changes and have the Bylaws and ballot at the next Board meeting for final approval so that they can be mailed.
Newsletter – Don Bullard
The Newsletter was reviewed for content and approval. Much thanks to Wayne Woodard for putting it together. It was concurred that the Newsletter was approved with the addition of new articles on dock requests, lagoon parking and the burn season. Don said he would get the additions to Wayne who would incorporate and send to Mike. Mike was tasked with mailing out the newsletter along with the yearly RDR dues notice to all owners. The new yearly RDR dues, which were approved at last year’s General Membership Meeting, is $300.
Next RDR Board Meeting – Mike Brannon
The Board concurred that the next Board meeting will be held 24 March. Carl Steinkraus said he would host the meeting. April’s Board meeting was tentatively scheduled for 28 April.
Adjournment – Mike Brannon
The RDR Board meeting was adjourned by the President at 12:05 PM
Don Bullard, RDR Secretary