RDR Board Meeting Minutes – August, 2012

SLO Running Deer Ranch Company, Inc.
Board Meeting — Aug 11, 2012
President; Don Bullard
5050 Aluffo Rd Vice-Pres. Jerry Ford
Paso Robles, Ca 93446 Sec. Chuck Enterline
RDRboard @gmail.com. Tres. Louise Oganesian
Directors Jess Felganhauer,
Bob Boals
Kelly Lobo
Meeting Called to Order by President Don Bullard; 9;05AM at Don Bullard’s house in Running Deer. All board members present or on phone. Jerry Ahrens present for SNRA. Past-President, Mike Brannon was absent as well as Carl Steinkraus for SNRA.
Opening Statement from Don Bullard; No big incidents reported. The point has remained clean, seems people respecting one another and a definite improvement noted over last year. The launch gate has remained locked an estimated 95% of the time (GREAT) and the Point Gate not as good. Some guests including some large groups appear to be unaccompanied by Running Deer Members etc. Renters and unaccompanied guests are NOT allowed on the point.
Minutes from the last meeting on 6/16/12 were approved via e-mail previously. Chuck Enterine indicated that a first draft of the minutes would be sent out next week and any corrections made. If there were no objections, within several days of the final draft out, the minutes would be assume approved.
Treasurer Report; Louise Oganesian reported a final transition from the previous Sec. (Leo Kennedy) to her was almost completed. A situation she reported was our RDR budget must be based on our “Fiscal Year” which ends March 31, so that we can prepare our TAXES appropriately.(not the current calendar year). The Fiscal year is stated in our Articles of Incorporation, and the IRS will not accept any return based upon a calendar year. Since this is NOT a by-law issue, she is going to make that change (so from now on, our RDR budget will be based on a fiscal year). The reported current balance was $46,709.39. This amount reflects “in the bank at the moment” amount, but does NOT include encumbered funds etc. Our current discretionary funds available is unknown. Louise intends on e-mailing the board with a detailed and full report shortly.. (and then seek approval).
-Don requested we know our budget soon to know exactly where we are at in order to pay SNRA, proceed with projects and make future planning.
-Louise reported Bank of America is charging us a fee of $35 month despite we keep a large balance. She suggested we move our account to a FREE on such as a local non-profit bank or credit union. The board agreed.
Committee Reports;
-ROAD/PT; Don reported that Fredricks were way behind. We need crack sealing. The squirrel traps are working. 46 squirrels and a couple of skunks were removed from the point. An issue of erosion was occurring as the squirrels would create holes within the roots of the trees and at the point, the wakes from the boats would eat the area out. (thus increasing the possibility of loss of the trees). Jessie Felgenhauer reported the contour and erosional processes are changing with the larger wakes created by wake-board boats (as opposed to ski boats of the past). Don suggested there is no need for a work party yet.
-Docks; Jessie reported all is going fine. There are 9 docks currently. Chuck’s dock marks the limit on the one side close to the ramp. He reported we continue to follow the policy of last in, last opportunity for placement of their dock. One owner had another owner’s dock moved without permission which created some issues, but all is resolved now. Obviously, DO NOT move someone’s dock without their permission unless it some kind of emergency. Don, once again, reported only 1 RDR dock was in compliance with Monterey County. It was suggested that if the community dock does happen, they will have to police themselves as well as draft regulations each dock owner will have to follow.
-Master Plan; Private dock plan and ramp barrier booms were topics. Bob Boals reported 2 companies were contacted for costs to put in a barrier boom. He needs to contact Monterey County on how to proceed.
-Fire; Fire truck at the Oganesian’s is checked by Chuck on a regular basis for any obvious issues, but need to be fired up and tested again. and found to be working. Don reported Cal Fire at Las Tablas has been gone due to so many other fires.
-Gates/Keys; Jerry fixed the Gage Irving gate as well as the Running Deer Gate. Someone had placed a balloon on the inside keypad interfering with gate operation. Again, there is a great need to change ALL gate codes. Mary Woodworth reported to Chuck Enterline that an increase in vandalism, trash speeding, etc. was occurring at the main gate. It was suggested she call the Sheriff when this occurs. Our camera works on a limited loop, so the use of our camera to identify issues must be reported immediately.
-Correspondence and website.. RDR received a signed letter, but could not determine who had written it. The concern was expressed on how out-dated our RDR web site was and the need to update it. The board agreed. (Several days later it was reported our web-site WAS very recently updated and all was ok
-Misc Services (new).. Removal of the port-a-potties to occur the weekend after Labor day.
Aluffo Road/ Launch Ramp / New Gate; Don reported Mike Brannon is still gathering information and costs for an electronic gate. A THANKS for the installation of our new locking launch ramp gate.
Jerry Ahrens; for all the welding and help as well as all the people donating either their time, equipment or materials. (Mike and Larry Brannon) . There was NO cost to RDR to complete this project. Again, Don reported and Chuck agreed that at least a 95% compliance with keeping the gate locked was occurring.
The STATE has recognized our efforts and is pleased. Our chances of losing our ramp is now greatly reduced due to our efforts.
Four new members have been added since the last meeting.
Don continues to look into placement of an electronic gate with all the issues involved … such as placement for the least inconvenience to owners along Aluffo, CDF lockbox, turn around etc. He says only Running Deer ONE owners have an easement to the lake, but for 40 years Running Deer Two and Three have had access.
Point Recreational Improvements; Don suggested we make the point more family / kid friendly. He suggested a sand volleyball court, horseshoe pit and a swing set.
Concerns were expressed over the liability of the swing set.
Motion; Chuck made a motion, was seconded by Bob Boals and passed unanimously to proceed with this project as far as the Volleyball and horseshoes and to study the liability issues involved with the swing set.
Community Dock Project was proceeding well with 8 confirmed IN and 10 potential. There is still a long ways to go. Many issues need to be resolved and presented to the board.
OTHER; Don suggested if an electronic gate is NOT put in, that next year non-duplicable keys / lock be used.
-Don will draft a letters to members not in compliance with the rules at the point and present them to the board. This was put in the form of a motion, was seconded and passed unanimously.
Chuck reminded the board that we should NOT have rules if the membership was not following them, or the board was NOT enforcing them.
Some discussion occurred to as the BEST way to proceed when members are in violation of point rules. Jerry Ahren’s reminded the board of our fiduciary responsibility and Jesse indicated that if the board failed to enforce the rules, he would.
NEXT MEETING; 9;00am Louise Oganesian’s house –Sat., Sept. 29. 2012
Meeting Adjourned at 10;50am…
Respectfully submitted,
Chuck Enterline — RDR Secretary