RDR Board Meeting Minutes, April 2013

SLO Running Deer Ranch Company, Inc.
Board Meeting – April 13, 2013
Louise Oganesian’s
House in Running Deer
President; Don Bullard
Vice-Pres. Jerry Ford
Sec. Chuck Enterline
Tres. Louise Oganesian
Directors Jess Felganhauer, Bob Boals, Kelly Lobo
SNRA reps; Carl Steinkraus / Leo Kennedy
Call to Order by Don Bullard @ 9;00AM
Board members present; Don Bullard, Jerry Ford, Chuck Enterline, Bob Boals, Louise Oganesian, Jess Felganhauer, Kelly Lobo
SNRA reps included Carl Steinkraus and Jerry Ahrens.
Visitors included; Henry Oganesian, Ken McCalister, Phillip Klein, Laurie Klein, Nick Koonce, Leo Kennedy, Jerry Reese
Board members absent; None
Opening Statement from Don Bullard; Mentioned lake levels could be low this year. We had great turnout for the Easter Work Sat. with over 40 people helping and Louise / Jerry preparing a great meal.. THANKS..The new cement BB-Q table goes in today. This meeting we will need to insure our budget is approved and we can submit it to the general meeting. We also need to review the draft for the General Meeting..
Minutes of our Last Meeting on 03/02/ 2013 were approved by the board via e-mail.
Treasure’s Report;  Louise said she filed a statement of information on the 17th. We have $32,236 in our Savings Account (after moving $17,000 from the Current Year Operating Funds – Checking account). The $32K includes our $5000 emergency reserve.  We currently have $23,000 in the Checking Account for Fiscal year 2013-2014 Operating Expenses.  To date, 74 members have paid.  We also moved the $1,120 main gate allocation fund to the Road Maintenance Reserve fund (Saving Account).  The Board approved the moving of remaining operating expenses to the Savings Account (Our Reserve Funds) in order to maintain our Tax Exempt status; as 90% of our funds must be for the Stated Purpose as declared in the Articles of Incorporation. “Aluffo Rd” or Main Road Fund, includes the launch ramp as it is technically the end of Aluffo Rd.
Treasure’s report was approved by the board with no objections.
Road Mainenance/Point Don reported we need a short term fix on the roads and to begin preparing in 2-3 years for major work. We discussed the 5mph bouys and have been unable to contact lake authorities over the matter.
Motion was made to spend up to $700.00 on 5mph buoys to be placed near the launch ramp. Motion passed unanimously.
Jesse indicated that with the water level where it is that there was no room to put any more docks. The people owning the docks at the point need to decide spacing issues. When the docks are NOT in the water, we have jurisdiction over them.
Jesse moved we approve all current 11 docks at the point for 2013-2014 and the motion passed unanimously
Master Plan
Bob Boals reported the picnic tables had arrived and needed help putting them at the point. There was a brief discussion on too many signs at the point which will be discussed at a later meeting.
FIRE; Leo reported we need to clean the algae from the fire wagon and fill it up. Chuck agreed to help.
Gates/Keys Don has the non-duplicable keys from the Paso Robles Safe and Lock and will go into effect on the 25 of April.
Correspondence/Website; RDR board received a request from Brian McCarty of Camarillo, Ca with a request to add three parcels to the list of RDR acceptable members. This is a general membership issue to change our by-laws so we will present it at the general meeting and proceed from there.
SNRA; Work will begin on Gage Irvine Re
Misc. Services; Kelly is proceeding to have the port-a-potties in place at the point a week before Memorial weekend. (Memorial weekend is May 25-27)
Announcment; Louise announced she would not be serving as treasurer next term, but will remain as a board member.
Discussion on Memorial Day weekend security and rules. We discussed how to proceed and by consensus we agreed to have the security guard for 3 days, give out 2 guest passes for on the point and allow anyone to park in Jesse’s parking area near the launch ramp, BUT must have a sign in the window indicating who they are and who the owner is they are staying with.
Open Discussion; Announcment; Louise announced she would not be serving as treasurer next term, but will remain as a board member.
Next Meeting; Don said we will do our next meeting via e-mail.
VIA Adjournment; The meeting was adjourned at 11:00 am.