RDR Board Meeting Minutes – April, 2012

SLO County Running Deer Ranch Company, Inc.
Board of Directors Meeting
9 AM Lobo’s
28 April 2012
0900 – Presentation by Phill Humphries, Nacimiento Regional Water Management Advisory Council Rep on 2012 mussel inspection program.
-new inspections procedures are in effect. 21 day instead of 14 inspection cycle
-increased enforcement and $2000 fine for no inspection
– focus is on uncontrolled ramps, they are at risk of being closed by county if they do not enforce the inspection program. Running Deer specifically looked at on south side because main gate has common access to many and we have no additional gate as the other communities have.
-Rangers logging where boats were launched from when stopped for inspection certification
-New Resident Program going into effect
-Community Board must pass support resolution for members to be enrolled
-Owners can get application online and submit to county for approval.
-Will required proof of property title, proof that boat is stored at property, attend a mussel awareness class, notarized affidavit of compliance?
-Approved owners will receive a one year boat sticker (May to May), boat cannot leave community or will invalidate sticker, can go into town for service if boat and trailer are banded by certified inspector.
0945 – Call to Order – Mike Brannon
Roll Call
Present Absent
Mike Brannon – President Jessie Felgenhauer – Director
Wayne Woodard- Vice President (by phone)
Don Bullard – Secretary
Leo Kennedy – Treasurer
Kelly Lobo – Director
Jerry Ford – Director
Carl Steinkraus – SNRA Rep
Jerry Ahrens – member at large
Chuck Enterline – member at large
Thelma Bell – member at large
President’s Opening Remarks – Mike Brannon
Easter Weekend work party was a huge success. Over 50 volunteers. A lot of good work was accomplished and the Point looks great. Need to keep as an annual event and encourage more owners to support
Comments to the Board – Chuck Enterline
Discussed new mussel program and new signs at ramp. Need more volunteers to attend inspector certification class. Board needs to approve Resident program resolution before Running Deer can enter the program. Memorial Day weekend will inspections will need be to be addressed.
Discussed proposed new Bylaws changes current process. Concerned that the process and discussion was too limited and didn’t allow proper vetting of the proposed changes. Not sure how to change the current process but it needs to be addressed at the general meeting. A lot of good work on the drafting of the new Bylaws but there are significant issues that need to be changed. Leaving out heir of the membership article should not have been done. The article on easements may not be legal and should be reviewed by a lawyer. RDR #2 and #3 have had access to easement for close to 40 years. The addition to revoke a member’s privileges permanently should not be just a Board decision. It should be voted upon by the General membership. Also there is no stated criteria for which the Board may suspend or revoke those privileges. All of these issues must be addressed at the general meeting and we need to find the right way to improve this change process.
The Board agreed the current change process and these issues would be discussed at the general meeting, however the current bylaws changes already sent out to be voted upon could not be changed. It would have to be approved or disapproved prior to the commencement of the meeting according to current bylaws. Motions made at the meeting could be made to changes the new bylaws and the Board would develop the recommended changes by the general membership and send out for another vote.
Approval of last BOD Minutes – Don Bullard
-Briefed the last BOD Minutes. Board unanimously approved
Treasurer’s Report – Leo Kennedy
-Briefed the overall status of paid members and the status of each fund in the budget. Presently 84 members have paid and they are still coming in. Currently have approximately $30,000 in discretionary funds. Briefed projection of anticipated future bills. Stated that at the general meeting the membership would have to vote to approve the 2012 budget. Don added it would allow have to vote to approve the 2013 dues amount.
Committee Reports
Roads and Point – Mike Brannon
-Frederick’s is scheduled for 2 days of crack sealing work on Aluffo Rd. The road needs to be marked to prioritize the work. Don said he would survey and mark the road. Frederick’s also needs to repair road where they damaged it by Tomac’s.
-Las Tablas owners agreed to fund resurfacing of their road and asked for allocation of the reserve fund in the current budget. The Board approved the allocation for the Las Tablas road work. The work is scheduled to be completed before Memorial Day.
-We need to start squirrel abatement program on the Point and Aluffo Rd as they are getting worse and will damage the road. Jerry Ford briefed his research into the required traps and bait. The program will require volunteers because the traps have to be attended to several times per week. Jerry Ahrens, Don Bullard and Carl Steinkraus volunteered to help with the program. The Board approved a $1000 initial outlay of funds to purchase the initial traps and bait
Docks – Don Bullard
-Stated that the new signs prohibiting parking in the lagoon would be installed prior to Memorial Day. Mike Brannon will deliver the signs to Don today
-In response to the Board’s inquiry to all owners for a request for a new dock on the Point, there have been 3 request received from Lobo, Boe and Bullard. Wayne discussed that new docks were not the right way to go until we see the future of the master plan and really develop just what is the future plan for docks and what can the Point really sustain. There is already little room for anyone to pull their boat on the Point to load their family and we have taken a step back this year with the loss of the lagoon. Don stated that although Jessie was not at the meeting, at the last meeting he felt the new requests should be approved. The Board voted to approve the requests in a split voted. Kelly Lobo, Jerry Ford Leo Kennedy voted for approval. Wayne Woodard voted against approval. Don Bullard recused himself from voting since he had a request before the Board. Mike Brannon abstained. (Late note: After the meeting Don Bullard retracted his request for a new dock on the Point.)
Fire – Leo Kennedy
-Burn season will end 1 May and the Las Tablas CDF station will be manned sometime in May
-Need to conduct a checkout and drill of the current fire tanks.
SNRA – Carl Steinkraus
-Briefed current work on Gage Irving Rd. Also some minor problems at the main gate but they have been resolved.
Correspondence – Don Bullard
-Proposed Bylaws changes were mailed out at least 45 days prior to general meeting in compliance with current Bylaws. Leo stated close to 50 have already been received.
-The Board had received emails from owners Wadkins and Enrerline. Don briefed the content of the emails and his return correspondence with them.
New Aluffo Rd Gate Proposal – Mike Brannon
-Briefed received bids from Gibbs on new Aluffo Rd gate. This a must, given what the Board just heard on the mussel inspection program and how Running Deer ramp is being looked at as high risk. New gate would be solar, with programmable swipe cards, have an exit and shadow loop, be high capacity batteries for high number of cycles. Same gate has been installed at Vandenberg AFB for security and high use areas. Proposing to put the gate at Aluffo Rd and Gage Irving and will have to work out the turnaround requirement. Don stated we will probably need to notify the property owners on each side of our intention. Carl Steinkraus stated the turnaround on his property side was fine and that if there was a requirement we could work out power requirement needs with him. Mike stated the cost of the new gate system would be approximately $17,000. Leo stated that if we had the normal numbers of paid members and the forecasted bills remained at past levels there should be sufficient funds in the 2012 budget to pay for the gate. Don stated that this was considered a major project because of cost and will require general membership approval prior to expenditure of funds. The Board approved Mike’s proposal to be presented and voted upon at the general membership meeting to gain approval.
General Membership Meeting Agenda – Don Bullard
-Briefed the proposed agenda for the annual meeting on Memorial Day weekend. Discussed what votes by the membership would be required. A recommendation was made to move the new gate proposal after the mussel program brief. All concurred. Discussed administrative requirements for the meeting and made assignments.
Misc. – Kelly Lobo
-Sated that the buoy for the lagoon was on order and that it will arrive before Memorial Day. Don stated he would install it when it arrived.
Adjournment – Mike Brannon
-The BOD meeting was adjourned at 12:04 PM. The next Board meeting will be after the Memorial Day general meeting with the newly elected Board members.
Respectfully submitted,
Don Bullard, RDR Secretary