RDR Board Meeting Minutes – August 2014

SLO Running Deer Ranch Company, Inc.
Board Meeting – 30 AUGUST, 2014
Ken and Renda McAlister’s
Home in Running Deer
Jerry Reese………………President
Kelly Lobo………………..Vice-President
Bob Boals…………………. Secretary
Louise Oganesian……….Treasurer
Jess Felgenhauer……….. Board Member
Renda McAlister………… Board Member
Carol Bosman Anderson..Board Member
Leo Kennedy/Carl Steinkraus… SNRA Reps
Don Bullard/Chuck Enterline… NRWMAC Reps
Call to Order by Jerry Reese @ 9:02 AM
Board members present;Jerry Reese, Bob Boals, Kelly Lobo, Louise Oganesian,
Jess Felganhauer, Renda McAlister, And Carol Bosman Anderson
Visitors and SNRA representatives; Carl Steinkraus, Leo Kennedy, Don Bullard,
John and Joanie Swift, Gail Reese, And Ken McAlister
Opening Statement from Jerry Reese;
Jerry spoke of an uneventful summer most probably related to the low lake levels. There was an issue with some vandalism of the padlock for the launch ramp gate. Jerry fixed the lock and made sure it is functioning properly.
Review of last meeting minutes. Bob Boals
Last meeting minutes were approved by online vote and published to the membership.
TREASURER’S REPORT: Louise Oganesian
No changes were made since the last meeting other than the expenditure of the one pledged picnic table making a balanced accounting for the 2013 taxes.
Major Expenses Checking Account: $ 30,773.32
Primary Checking Account (Operations): $31,296.15
Motion; Kelly Lobo 2nd Renda McAlister
To accept Treasurers report.
Passed: unanimous
There was discussion of how to best remedy the squirrel problem. It was decided that a plan would be formulated to present at the next meeting.
The ramp is in good condition. We are waiting for higher water levels to check the effectiveness of the rocks along the side.
A CALL TO THE GENERAL MEMBERSHIP. The board would appreciate the help of any members willing to move sand from the bottom of the ramp to the uphill (EAST) side of the ramp to mitigate erosion during future rains. 18” along the edge at and below the curve will suffice. Please send any questions or concerns to rdrboard@gmail.com
DOCKS: Jess Felgenhauer
Post locations for docks have been laid out to determine spacing. Currently there is room for 9 in the areas most desirable.
10 confirmed owners, dock is approved by Monterey County. The current timeline for installation is, anchors in October, delivery in March/April. Installation in May 2015 dependent upon water level.
Motion: Jessie Felgenhauer 2nd Kelly Lobo
Approve granting permission for installation of Dragon Dock.
Passed: Unanimous
FIRE: Jerry Reese
Jerry will research the sale of the water truck.
Carol Bosman expressed concern about knowledge of what to do in the event of a fire. Do people have access to the fire tree? It was noted by Jerry Reese that it is not a board issue per say but we are concerned none the less. He added that after the general meeting we should have a fire meeting with information for those interested. Carol volunteered to put up a notice at the gate, on or near the bulletin board that says “Running Deer Ranch owners, in case of fire, do the following” and include the phone tree.
There was also discussion of a Knox box which would be installed at the front gate for State and CDF to use in the event of an emergency. Don Bullard said he would ask the fire inspector from the CDF about their SLO county fire requirements and if more needs to be done.
GATES/KEYS: Don Bullard
Nothing new to report regarding keys but a new sign was donated by the Oganesian family to replace the temporary “Keep gate closed” sign.
The Gmail account has been cleaned up to some extent and notifications of new emails are sent immediately to the secretary’s phone for quicker response. Also an Email was sent to a board member asking why their road
was not maintained by RDR or SNRA. The RDR board responded by referencing the RDR budget and financial procedures which pertain to paying members on High Meadow, Maple Cyn, and Las Tables Bay. The Board also stated RDR maintains Aluffo rd. along with the point and no other action will be taken by the board.
Email lists of boats using Piru Lake continue to be sent to Mussel inspectors on a monthly basis.
SNRA:Leo Kennedy, Carl Steinkrous
A ballot for new board members was sent out with the last newsletter.
NRWMAC: Don Bullard, Chuck EnterlineA nice letter was sent by one of the heads at NRWMAC thanking
RDR for their donation. The money is of great help in getting the pipeline project underway.
Misc. Services: Kelly Lobo
The porta potties were to be picked up Sept. 3rd
Open Discussion:
Kelly had received a phone call asking about open positions in the Dragon Dock COOP. She was told the contact is Don Bullard or Wayne Woodard who are Dragon Dock LLC members.
Next Meeting: November 8th 9:00 am At Kelly Lobo’s home on Whispering pines ln.
Motion: Bob Boals 2nd Louise Oganesian
Meeting adjourned 10:04 AM