Cal-Shasta Club


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Board of Directors

PresidentTina Reynolds 
Vice PresidentDiane Matousek
Board MemberDan Wagner
Board MemberDanny Pritchard
Board MemberScott Cramer
Board MemberCherie Griffin
Board MemberBob Steil
TreasurerBetty Eyraud
Corp. SecretaryGlenna Humfrey
Recording SecretaryMilissa Anderson
MembershipCarolyn Loy
SNRA PresidentJohn Hunter
SNRA Rep.Lee Davis
SNRA Rep.Ken Thomas
SNRA Rep.Cindy McGee

In the event of an emergency and use of helipad is necessary, contact:

Glenna & Phil Humfrey805-238-9462
Cheryl Dodge805-886-1417

Helicopter Pad Access – light switch for pad located next to telephone booth at the Cal Shasta gate.
Radio to communicate with pilot is stored in a glass “break-box” on the wall in the clubhouse next to the book shelves.