RDR Association Dues

Online Payment

Annual dues of $485.00 per member family are due from each property owner who wants a membership in the Running Deer Ranch Company, Inc. This amount includes a pass-through of $140.00 for SNRA Dues, and establishes identical dues of $325.00 for each "family" in RDR. DUES become payable on April 1st, 2020 and cover the fiscal calendar year April 1 – March 31.
The Point and Launching Ramp now have non-duplicable keyed locks.
You will receive 2 keys with your dues payment.
Additional keys (limit of 2 extra) cost $25 each. 
Processing Fees:
RDR incurs a 2.9% + $0.30 fee for each online payment, reflected in the prices below.
Approximately $15, for the dues and a little more if you have a dock or want extra keys.
You will be asked for both Billing and Shipping Addresses.
Billing address must be associated with your payment method.
Shipping address must be your RDR Parcel Address.
You must still complete and mail in a Conditional Use Permit.
RDR Board.