Summer Update 2015

“RDR” Owners/Members

Summer Update

General Meeting: The board would like to thank the Owners/Members who took time out of their Memorial Weekend to come and get involved in our RDR General Meeting. The meeting had good positive discussion and input, which will help direct the board to meet the goals were set on July 11th Board Meeting.
The Board wants to send out a thank you to director Jess Felgenhauer and director Kelly Lobo for their years of outstanding, dedicated service while on the “RDR” Board. They brought professionalism and organization to help make the “RDR” Board meetings run smooth and accomplish items in a timely manner. Welcome to new board members Don Bullard and Jerry Ford.

“RDR Board”
President: Jerry Reese
Vice President: Jerry Ford
Secretary: Treasurer: Director: Director: Director: NRWMAC SNRA SNRA
Bob Boals
Louise Organesian Don Bullard
Renda McAlister
Carol Bosman-Anderson
Don Bullard Carl Steinkraus Leo Kennedy

The Lake: The water is at 25% of capacity. The Lake level is at 730’. The release is currently at 60 cfs it was raised from 25 cfs after farmers complained of a low water table level. The Monterey County Board voted in the emergency order to raise the release rate. After a month of the release increase it doesn’t look like there is any rise in the farmers water table. Go to the NARMAC web site for more information. We still have water at the point so come on out and enjoy it.

The Point: The point is in fine shape with no new issues. Please remember to close and lock the gate.
Launch Ramp: Launch ramp is still in the water. The mussel program demands we keep the launch ramp gate closed and locked at all times after launching.

Aluffo Road: Fredrick’s has completed all roadwork.

Docks: Most docks are high and dry. We still have not seen the new dock ordinance Monterey County has been working on. The board has the current ordinance and will get a copy to the dock owners. We will pass on the new ordinance when it comes out. All docks at the point will need to meet the current ordinance and owners will be required to bring them up to Monterey County standards.

Fire: 2015 will be an extremely hazardous fire season. The Board wants to thank all people that have assisted on the fires. A fallen tree knocking down power lines caused the fire in Running Deer. An illegal marijuana growing operation caused the fire in Rancho Del Lago area. Please be very cautious and prepare your properties. Clear flammable vegetation 100’ from all structures, limb up trees at least 6 off of ground, remove leaves and debris from roofs, store trash cans, fire wood, patio furniture at least 30’ from all structures. It is a good idea to keep a copy of the emergency call list information in your home and all vehicles. Be prepared to assist if a fire does break out in the area. The response time for Cal Fire is 30 to 45 minutes at best. We as a community can help keep a fire small when we work together while keeping safety the priority.

Mussel Program: It is extremely important we take the mussel program very seriously. It is imperative that all boats, jet skis, kayaks are inspected by a certified mussel inspector. Boats need to be clean, drained and dry or they will not be pass inspection.

Be alert rattlesnakes and scorpions are out roaming the neighborhood. If you have any concerns or questions, please contact the Board at

RDR Board