Spring Update, 2014

The following is the Board’s Spring quarterly update email and discussion of Memorial Day Weekend.

The Lake – obviously this has not been a good rain year for us with total amounts around 40% of normal. Even though we had 5″ the beginning of March and about 1-1/2″ after that it was insufficient to raise the lake much and we have since lost all that we had gained. The current elevation is 726′, top of the launch is around 800′. The water is currently at the end of the concrete launch ramp and the water is very shallow until about 20′ out with heavy mud and silt. Launching is NOT recommended as some have been getting stuck even with 4 wheel drive. By Memorial Day our ramp will be total dry. To launch a boat you will need to go to the main marina if they have water. There are many navigational hazards in Las Tablas Bay right now which will only get worse as the water continues to recede. Monterey County is attempting to lower the minimum release from 60CFS to 20CFS since the lake is only at 21% storage, but that decision has yet to be made. If done, it will save water above minimum pool into 2015, if no rain.

The Point – The Point is in fair shape but has undergone a lot of erosion. The trees are really stressed and we had a 70-80 year old red oak break off a 30″ limb and reveal it is totally hollow inside. It will need to be taken down. We also have a very old white oak that is also hollow and dropping limbs. It also will need to be removed. Also there are numerous trees on the edge that have major erosion and squirrel root damage. They probably won’t make it when the lake is full again. An agenda item for the Board will be to investigate the planting of some new oak tress and how to ensure their growth during a dry season.

The Launch Ramp – As stated above it is really no longer useable at this water level. The silver lining is that we were able to place new rock on the left side to control erosion when the lake is up. Over the last two years we have had numerous trailers backing down fall off into the eroded areas and bottom out. Hopefully this will prevent this. We are also investigating preventative erosion measures on the right side of the ramp to curtail future loss of the slope which has been considerable over the years.

Aluffo Road – We have entered into a contract with Frederick’ s paving to do major work on the shoulders of the road which are seriously deteriorated. This is a 3 year plan to bring the road back into condition which should give us another 5 years before eventually having to start re-pave the entire road. This year will be mainly shoulder and patching work starting at the Point and working back, and sealing 1/3 of the road. The next 2 years will be for an additional 1/3 of the road each year. When we receive it, we will send out the dates and areas that are being impacted by the work.

Docks – most docks are dry this year as you can expect. But that dry settling can cause damage. If you have a dry dock you need to inspect it and do repairs if needed before it floats again. Properly maintained safe docks are a requirement to have a dock moored on the Point. Also, Monterey County is in the process of writing and issuing a new dock ordnance. We have not seen a draft but after attending some of their committee meetings it appears they want to up the enforcement on quality of docks and proper anchoring. They have also sent out a letter to all dock permit holders stating if your dock was not floating 1 Apr you do not have to pay for a permit. However, if it floats anytime before 31 Mar 2015 you owe the entire 2014 permit fee.

Fire – the burn season ended 1 May and Cal Fire is about to man the Las Tablas CDF station. This is a new crew with most unfamiliar with the area. They have been out and we have been orienting them to the RDR community. Although not much, we did receive some Apr rain which has made the weeds take off. Weed control will be important very soon. Please do it before 10 AM and ensure you have the required spark arrestor. The two fire tanks at Oganesian’s and Bullard’s are good to go. The RDR water truck will be ready by 15 May.

Mussel Program – nothing has changed to this year’s 21 day inspection requirement other than inspectors must mail in a copy of the inspection form so the county can track all boats who have been inspected on Lake Nacimiento. Chuck Enterline, our mussel coordinator, is collecting the forms and mailing them in for us. This is a result of the infestation at Lake Piru. The goal is a statewide database that can track CF numbers from infested lakes in the last 30 days and provide it to inspectors statewide. If you have been in an infested lake in the last 30 days inspectors are prohibited from inspecting you and giving you a certification form. Some lakes have gone to the extreme. Lake Cachuma now requires that you bring your boat there, have it inspected and then they impound it in their yard for 30 days before you can launch it there. These type of drastic measures are being discussed by Monterey and SLO counties.

Point and Launch Ramp locks – The lock and keys have been changed. If you paid your dues and returned you signed CUP you should have received your new keys. If you need to pay your dues you can still mail in your form and CUP, pay at the Memorial Day general meeting or contact Leo Kennedy or Don Bullard. Also, new security cameras have been placed on the main RDR gate. They can now read license plate numbers and see individuals using the key pad.

Trespassing – The cattle leasee across Towne Creek on Gage Irving Rd has complained to the county about people driving ATV’s on his lease. The county has sided with him and has plans to increase trespassing enforcement. They have already installed a new sign before the lower crossing. Also, with the low water we anticipate there will be an increase in ATV usage instead of boating. Except for the main roads, which are right of way easements, all property that is dry is either private or Monterey county owned. ATVs are required to stay on the right of way easements or their own private property. Off road on the dry lake side can cause future severe erosion when the rain does come.

Memorial Day Weekend – the RDR annual general meeting will be held Sun, 25 May at Lobo’s on Whispering Pines Ln at 9 AM. Bring a chair. You will get an update from the Board committee chairmen, a review of our financial plan, a chance to provide the Board direction for the up coming year, and to vote for 3 new Board members. Don Bullard, Chuck Enterline and Louise Oganesian’ terms expire. We need your attendance to help us with the Board’s future work and decisions.
Because of the low water there will be no restrictions or passes for the Point other than the normal, no Motorhomes, RVs or trailers parked on the Point during the weekend.There will be no security. There will be no mussel inspection stations set up but there will be volunteer inspectors’ numbers on the white board by the Point gate. All RDR rules and regulations will remain in effect. Both gates must remained locked when not in use. There will be only one porta-pottie. Please take all trash with you when you leave.

If you have any concerns or questions, please contact the Board at RDRBOARD@gmail.com. See you at the general meeting, Sun, May 25, at 9 AM.

RDR Board