Meeting Minutes, General Membership, 2012

San Luis Obispo County Running Deer Ranch Company, Inc.

Annual General Membership Meeting


27 May 2012

Lobo’s Place, 9 AM

Called to Order: 9:10AM

Roll Call

Board Members Present: Absent:

Woodard, Wayne- Vice President Brannon, Mike – President
Bullard, Don- Secretary
Kennedy, Leo- Treasurer
Felgenhauer, Jessie- Director
Ford, Jerry- Director
Lobo, Kelly- Director
Steinkraus, Carl- SNRA Rep
President’s Opening Remarks – Don Bullard (for Mike Brannon)

Message from Don about Mike Brannon and the loss of his brother, Mark, followed by a moment of silence in his honor
Thank you to all Board members expressed by Don
A thank you to the “stalwarts” that live permanently in RDR for all their help.
A call for action regarding the need for more owners to get involved
A message from Don about the importance of the Mussel Inspection issue and the need for swift action by the Board on this matter as we go forward.
Secretary’s Report – Don Bullard

During the past year the Board of Directors has had a 94% attendance at theBboard meetings.
7 meetings held
Minutes and action items are posted on the Web-site
Also raised the importance of using the address to make contact with the Board.
Self -Introduction of RDR Owners – All

Treasurer’s Report – Leo Kennedy

The proposed 2012 budget line item detail review was explained by Leo Kennedy
Vote was taken to approve the 2012 budget as submitted
Motion raised by Chuck Enterline, seconded by Kelly Lobo
Vote results 32-0
Vote to approve the 2013 Dues as submitted ($300.00 + SNRA required assessment)
Motion raised by Carl Steinkraus, seconded by Louise Oganesian
Vote results 32-0
Committee Reports

Point and Roads – Don Bullard
Easter Weekend work party was a huge success again this year. Point was cleaned up, Road work patching was done. Made a big difference and was fun for everyone! This will be an annual event
On the Point the downed tree on the south end was pulled out and burned.
Fredrick’s paving is scheduled for crack repairs on the road and several problem areas were marked in advance.
New base was donated by Larry Brannon and used on the Point turnarounds
New signs were posted – Someone raised a concern that the letter erring was very small and should be revisited – Don agreed to look into what could be done.
Squirrels are an issue and while we are baiting traps now as an approach to mitigate this challenge, the worry is will it be enough. New board will need to evaluate and take action as required.
Owner John Swift recommended investigating the: squirrel –a- nater: as a trap instead of the poison baits.
Jerry Ford agreed to follow up
Docks – Jessie Felgenhauer
Private dock management was raised; Jessie wants the Dock owners to form a sub group to manage themselves more effectively. He asked those dock owners at the meeting to meet separately after the meeting
Jessie raised the need for the multi-user “community” dock concept as critical
We have 100% compliance with Insurance needs
CDF and Fire – Leo Kennedy
Review of the Fire Tree was discussed
Members were notified where the key for the Ford truck used for the Saller’s Hill fire wagon is located
Request from CDF is to make sure you have BIG letters and numbers on your house signs to make it easier for CDF to find your address in case of fire. Check out web-site for more details
Leo discussed the CDF feedback on helping to fight local fires. They ask that you be prepared if you get involved. Don’t become a victim or get hurt if you help out as this becomes the priority and not the fire. Again, go to the web-site for more details.
The lock on the fire road Gage Irving Rd was reported as cut. RDR Board will investigate
SNRA Report – Carl Steinkraus
Lots of new improvements have been completed recently including some chip sealing throughout the SNRA road system. There is a breakfast meeting June 8th for the SNRA general meeting, everyone is welcome.
Website/Email – Don Bullard is a very important email address for everyone to have
Request to membership to keep the RDR board up to date with your email addresses
The address can be used to get questions answered and to even post comments to the general membership. It was noted that no anonymous email questions or comments will never be posted.
People were reminded that the South Nacimiento Shore Owners ( is the home of the RDR web-site
Fran Heydari has agreed to take over management of the website for RDR
“Regular mail” letters are still always welcome as a form of communication
Master Plan for the Point – Wayne Woodard
Throughout the last year we had 2 formal meetings and several small meetings and board discussions about the master plan for the Point
Some practical realities were highlighted in this process
The dock situation at the Point is not scalable or sustainable
Only a small number of owners can truly use the Point due to the docks that are parked there and as the water goes down it will only get worse.
There is no longer even a place for owners to moor a boat to safely and properly load people on to their boat.
Due to wakes and wind the launch ramp can be challenging
Wayne proposed to the general meeting that we consider two important projects this coming year
A boom system at the launch ramp to protect the ramp from wakes for safer launch operations
The development of a privately funded multi- owner dock that could be allowed at the Point. Quotes and some details were discussed including some preliminary pricing to owners.
People who were interested provided contact information to Wayne Woodard who will organize the steps in this process.
There was interest raised that the RDR Board might consider the option of purchasing a slip for community use on the dock. That will be taken up by the Board.
A vote was taken in favor of moving forward with the boom project at the ramp as soon as practical. The vote was 30-0 in favor
A second vote was taken in support of close coordination between this privately funded group on this dock and the RDR Board. Like all other docks, this dock will need to be formally approved by the RDR Board before anything is done. It was agreed that the RDR Board will stay very active in this project. It was agreed that the board could consider up to 2 slips on this dock. The vote was 30-0 in favor
Results of the Bylaws Changes Ballot – Don Bullard

70 votes cast
2 were invalidated as dues were not paid
68 eligible
58 YES in favor
11 NO in opposition
Bylaws changes passed
Chuck Enterline expressed opposition to these changes
He wanted more face to face discussion on these matters before a vote.
( Don Bullard noted that the procedure defined in the our bylaws was followed exactly as required)
He mentioned concerns with the Ingress/Egress easement section as it applies to RDR 2 & # owners and that these right could be terminated by the Board
(Don Bullard responded to several of Chuck’s points)
He mentioned concerns that members could be eliminated or lose privileges from the Board with no definable criteria and without a general membership vote
No proposed solution were made
Nancy Brownell expressed concern with the balance of making everyone happy with getting more open discussion and moving forward in a timely manner
Don Bullard proposed that the Board in the future send out important issues to all RDR owners for 30 days for comment. The Board would take those comments into consideration before any final decision or mail-out ballots were made. There was general agreement by the membership that this was a good idea.
Mussel Inspections – Chuck Enterline

There were several documents available on the information table for people at the meeting to take and read
The Board needs to submit an application to the county for the Resident annual inspection program approval for RDR owners.
There will be several steps to follow for RDR owners that want these resident annual approvals
A motion to direct the Board to pass the required resolution was raised by Chuck Enterline, seconded and passed 32-0
Allufo Road Gate Proposal – Mike Brannon (via Don Bullard)

A proposal was circulated and reviewed at the meeting to consider a new gate somewhere on Allufo road to better protect the RDR members’ asset and the launch ramp from unlawful use. This has become especially important with the current situation regarding compliance with mussel inspections.
It was noted that RDR is the only association with a community ramp that is not gated behind the RDR gate
RDR has been flagged as an “at-risk” ramp and our response is important to maintaining the ramp access.
Funding is available from current reserves
The Board’s proposal should be attached electronically and sent to all RDR owners for comment
Concern over maintenance was raised
Liability insurance
Solar or electric?
Inconvenience to owners inside the gate
Vote was taken to proceed 32-0 in favor of moving forward with securing the launch ramp
New board will take this feedback and get on this project right away.
Open Discussion – General

Brian McCarty representing 3 new owners of the old Bill Irving property adjacent to RDR 2 properties addressed the group requesting admission into the RDR association. They are currently SNRA members behind the RDR gate and want to be members in good standing in RDR. Question of how to add them was raised. Don Bullard asked them to submit a formal request letter to the Board and it was agreed that the new Board will a way to see if they can be admitted.
New Board Member Elections – Don Bullard

4 current Board Members’ terms expire this year. The following people were nominated to fill the vacancies and were accepted:
Vote results
Don Bullard 27-0 in favor
Chuck Enterline 27-0 in favor
Bob Boals 27-0 in favor
Louise Oganesian 27-0 in favor
Adjournment – Don Bullard

The 2012 annual RDR membership meeting was adjourned at 11:17 AM

Post Annual Meeting Board Meeting – New Board Members

-The following officers were elected by the new Board

Don Bullard – President

Jerry Ford – Vice President

Chuck Enterline – Secretary

Louise Oganesian – Treasurer

Kelly Lobo – Director

Jessie Felgenhauer – Director

Bob Boals – Director

Carl Steinkraus – SNRS Rep (non-voting member)

Leo Kennedy – SNRA Rep (no-voting member)

Mike Brannon – Past President (non-voting member)

-The Board passed the required SLO County resolution to enter RDR in the Resident Mussel Inspection Program. Chuck Enterline will file it with the county.

-The Board set 16 June 2012 at Don Bullard’s for the next RDR Board meeting

Minutes Submitted:

Don Bullard, RDR Board Secretary