Meeting Minutes, General Membership, 2011



SLO RUNNING Deer ranch Company, Inc.

May 29, 2011 – 9:00 am. @ The Lobo’s

Located on whispering Pine Lane off of Aluffo Road

The meeting was called to order by Secretary Don Bullard at 9:00 am

Pledge of Allegiance was led by Connie Flowers.

Present: Absent:

Vice President John Crass, Mike Brannon, President

Secretary Don Bullard

Treasurer, Joanne Russell

Director & SNRA Rep., Leo Kennedy

Director, Ken McAlister

Director Wayne Woodard

SNRA Rep. Carl Steinkraus

President’s Opening Remarks – delivered by Don Bullard.

First I would like to apologize for not being present but my youngest graduation from school had to take precedent. Second I would like to thank the Lobo Family for hosting this General Association meeting Also I would like to give a special thanks to Connie Flowers for organizing the Easter weekend Work Party at the Point last month. It was wonderful to have such a great participation and to feel like a lot got accomplished in one day just by working together.

Last, I would like to thank you for the opportunity to serve as President for the Running Deer Ranch Association, for this pas year. It has been a challenge, but one that was made easier through the support and very active participation of all of the Board Members. I most sincerely wish to thank the Board Members serving this term, as they have come with fresh ideas and we have had an 82 percent attendance at our monthly meetings.

As we face a new year and you choose new leadership, I would like you to think about a couple of things. Many of you may not remember when there were no paved roads here at RDR, the launch ramp had no concrete, and the Point was not gated or policed. All of these improvements were accomplished through volunteers, on the Board and off, who donated their time and money to get these things done. Running Deer Ranch could easily backslide to its former state if two things don’t happen. We need to more members involved in volunteering to either work or help the Board AND we have to acknowledge and be willing to pay the costs necessary to prevent the deterioration of the work that has already been started. The Board plans to make it easier for all RDR members to contribute either by helping with work parties or if you can’t physically help, by donating to pay the costs for these work parties. We all have to acknowledge that to keep RDR up, we MUST do maintenance, which will help us to keep this wonderful asset available and useful to future generations to come. I am a second generation Running Deer Ranch member, who has taken on the responsibility of caring for RDR from my parents. My children are becoming adults and I want them to be aware that their turn for keeping RDR healthy is coming. The same is true when land is sold within the association; new owners need to be aware of the responsibilities that come along with their share in using the improvements that RDR has developed.

This year the Board has run the day-to-day maintenance of Aluffo road and the Point making many improvements. Our focus has been, but not limited to:

Improving communication access to membership with the website, which provides easy access to the newsletter and budget and fund expenditures.

Developing and studying a membership survey for a potential Point Master Plan that will benefit all owners

Resolving to enforce membership By-laws.

Establish Dock Rules as well as setting up new policies to address the addition of new docks.

Providing security at the Point on Holiday Weekends

Reviewing and validating the Association plot map to provide proper dues structure for RDR and our agreement with SNRA

I think that we have accomplished so much considering that the Board is made up of only 8 members, with an additional 5-10 loyal volunteers who help back us up. BUT these 10 to 20 people cannot do it all. They are only 8% of all RDR owners and there are only 10% of the RDR owners who are in good standing for having paid all of their dues. The few do all of the work for the benefit of 100%. I am well aware that this often happens in any organization but that does not make it right. The recent successful work party is an excellent reflection of how much more can be accomplished when more people participate. Besides, it’s a lot more fun when more people get involved. Please, we need the general members to participate on committees and help the Board decide the best ways to improve and maintain Running Deer Ranch so that all will benefit. Regardless of how much you, as a member, are here, your participation affects every other member. As new leadership takes over, I hope to see all of you taking more time or effort to make the RDR Association strong and vital for many years to come.

Most sincerely and respectfully submitted

Michael R. Brannon

Introduction of Board and Report on Board Participation – Don Bullard

The Board held seven meetings over the last year – with an 82% attendance record. With the use of teleconferencing, absentee members were able to participate in the meetings.

Members at large introduced themselves and stated where their property was located. Thirty-six properties had representatives. Attendance list is attached and a part of these Minutes.

Financial Report and Recommended New Reserves – Treasurer Joanne Russell.

The Balance Sheet for year end 12/31/10 was present to the membership. The year closed with 106 Paid members, of which 94 paid the additional SNRA amount. Eleven did not reimburse RDR and one paid directly to SNRA. Cash received and accounts paid were reviewed, along with funds that were transferred to the Road allocation accounts. A detailed listing of income & expenses by month was provided to the members for their review. The Current Balance sheet shows $46,149.94 in funds in the bank, of which $39,309.44 is available funds; $13,144 is due to SNRA.

There is a Total Income of $33,621.50 which also represented $367.00 of 2010 dues collected in January, 2011 (SNRA expense of $167.00).

RDR had open A/P from 2010 of $4,061.38 (Insurance & M. Fredericks), which is reflected in the total expenses of $7,848.94.

A total number of paid members through 5/17 was 100 plus 2 who paid on Friday & Saturday (5/27 & 5/28)

The proposed budget for 2011/2012 is based on the current dues, and will be updated based upon the membership dues vote later in the meeting. The budget called for 101 paid members. Available funds with the Income & carry-over from 2010 is projected at $43,291.50. Operating Expenses are projected at $21,013.00, estimated Road & Point work is estimated at $12,500, and estimated Road allocations were at $2,000, which totaled $35,513.00. Operating Profit & Loss would be $7,778.50.

Joanne also discussed a proposal from the Board to set-up Road Maintenance Reserves (5% of funds collected) & Point Enhancement Reserves (7.5% of funds collected) in addition to the $5K we carry over each year as a beginning balance for the next calendar year’s expenses. This was discussed and voted on later in the meeting.

Updated Property Map, Unimproved Parcels – Don Bullard

As of May 1, 2011, the RDR Parcel Map has been updated showing unimproved lots. Unimproved is defined as property with no structures, no use, no well and no electricity. The members were asked to check the map for verification of their property and status.

This information would become important, should SNRA choose to not collect assessments on unimproved properties. Thanks were extended to Norm Flowers for the map.

Committee Reports:

Roads & Maintenance – John Crass

Rains have been hard on the Roads. There were two work parties – cold patch and crack seal on Aluffo Road. The squirrel erosion is a major problem. Slurry coat could cost up to $12,000 for the full length of Aluffo Road. More work parties are needed to maintain good road conditions and on going squirrel abatement is essential to maintain good road conditions.

Point & Dock Policies – Ken McAlister

80% of docks are incompliance with the Dock Policy. Proof of insurance is the main problem, due to the property owner’s different policy expiration dates. Without current proof of insurance or not abiding by the rules set forth my Monterey County, and the CUP docks can, and will be, towed and or destroyed. Docks will be discussed in more detail at the next scheduled RDR Board of Director’s meeting.

Fire Tanks and Call Tree – Leo Kennedy

It was reported a new and up-dated fire tree has been completed. Leo Kennedy and Chuck Enterline co-chair this item. If you do not have a copy of the Call Tree, contact Leo, Chuck or one of your Board of Directors. You can also find a copy on the RDR Web Site at there are a couple of community Fire Tanks available – one at the “Saller Hill” on High Meadow and Running Deer Road and one at the Bullard’s on Whispering Pines Road. Dennis Hamilton has a large water truck.

Main Gate and Point Keys – Leo Kennedy

The Point Key changes each year.

The Main Gate key remains the same until announced differently.

The Main Gate key will also open the Gage Irving Gate.

SNRA Report- Leo Kennedy and Carl Steinkraus

SNRA needs a Secretary. Training provided. Most of the road work has been completed for this summer. The SNRA June BBQ and Information day is scheduled for June 12th at Cal Shasta Club House.

Website e-mail and general correspondence – Don Bullard

All of the financials, minutes of all Board Meetings, and meeting notices are on the Web Site. The Board has also set up an e-mail address for any questions, suggestions, etc. To contact the Board write to The G-mail address is checked about every 10 days.

Discussion of 3-Day Weekend, Security and Guests – Wayne Woodard

The feedback on the Security Guard has been excellent and the general feeling was the guard was a good idea and a successful venture. The purpose of the guard was to help enforce rules that are already established. It was hoped that donations from owners and guests who used the launch ramp would cover the cost of the guard.

Regarding gate security – Brenda Nokes said Friday evening the Main Gate was open and no one was checking the cars as they entered. She suggested that the T-Shirt sale be moved further up the road. This would insure greater security on this major holiday weekend allowing only property owners and their guests to come in.

Discussion of Draft Future Master Plan – Wayne Woodard

The Board received 45 responses to the Survey on a future Master Plan at the Point. The Point is an asset to the community and enhancing the point will only improve the area as well as owner’s property values. The highest score was for Point improvement and over 20 owners said they would help on this project. There were mixed reviews on Member’s dock and all agreed the Point is an important asset to all. There will be follow-up meetings with the interested owners. Carol Compton pointed out that the Launch Ramp is an extension of Aluffo Road and all property owners have use rights and therefore, charging for use of the ramp cannot be done.

By-Law change– Article V – Section 3 – By-Laws, Rules & Regulations and Conditional Use Permit Amendments

Proposed amendments to Running Deer Ranch Co. Inc. By-Laws

Amendment A provides a procedure for amendments of the By-Laws, Rules & Regulations and Conditional Use Permit to be proposed by members.

Amendment A:


Section 3 – By-Laws, Rules & Regulations and Conditional Use Permit Amendments –

Current wording:

The members in good standing may adopt, amend, repeal or revise the By-Laws, Rules & Regulations and Conditional Use Permit with a vote that is passed by a majority of all received votes from members in good standing. These proposed changes will be sent out to all members in writing no less than one month before the meeting and the votes will be collected and then counted at any special or regular Annual Meeting. The Board of Directors may recommend changes in the By-Laws, Rules & Regulations and Conditional Use Permit to the general membership. These proposed changes must also be sent out to all members in writing no less than one month before a meeting. The votes will be collected and then counted at any special or regular Annual Meeting and a vote is passed by a majority of all received votes from members in good standing.

Proposed wording:

The members may vote to adopt, amend, repeal or revise the By-Laws, Rules & Regulations or Conditional Use Permit, provided the total votes received equal or exceed 50% of the RDR members in good standing. The By-Laws may be changed with a 2/3rds majority, the Rules & Regulations or Conditional Use Permit with a majority of 50% plus 1 of the votes received. The proposed changes will be sent out to all members in writing no less than one month before a special or regular Annual Meeting and the votes will be collected and counted at the meeting. Votes can be accepted by mail or e-mail prior to the meeting.

The Board of Directors may recommend changes in the By-Laws, Rules & Regulations or Conditional Use Permit to the general membership.

Any member in good standing, with a second from another member in good standing, may propose amendments to the Board of Directors at any regular Board Meeting. The submission of this request can be accomplished either in person or in writing. All amendments must be submitted to the Board of Directors at least 45 days before the general membership meeting in order to allow a 30-day notice to the general membership prior to voting. A Board meeting must occur between 75 days and 45 days before the general membership meeting.

All properly submitted proposed amendments, except those that would violate the Grant Deed of Easement, which is the Board’s responsibility to protect, will be presented to the membership. The Board may indicate to the membership whether or not they endorse, oppose or remain neutral on the proposed amendment.


The purpose of Amendment B is to govern meetings by “Robert’s Rules of Order”.

Amendment B:


Section 6 – Robert’s Rules of Order – “Robert’s Rules of Order Newly Revised” shall govern all Running Deer Ranch Co. Inc. meetings in which they are applicable.

Mail in Ballot to amend the By-Laws passed. 43 for the change and 1 apposed.

Mail in Ballot to include Robert’s Rules of Order in the By-Laws passed 44 for 4 against.

Discussion on future RDR Dues – John Crass

Cost of oil keeps increasing and road conditions continue to need maintenance. It was suggested that the dues for 2012 be increased by $100 per owner.

Motion by Carl Stienkraus, second by Jim Hill to increase the 2012 RDR dues by $100.

Motion Passed 29 – 1.

Motion by Joanne Russell for the SNRA dues to be passed through and included with RDR dues as approved by SNRA. Second by Patrick Hill.

Motion passed 32-1.

Motion by Jim Hill, second by Don Heflin to accept 2011 Budget and new Reserve allocations.

Motion passed – 31-0

Motion by Kati Bullard, second by Jim Hill to authorize a committee to address 3-day weekends and use of the Point and suggested rules and guidelines to be presented to the RDR Board for consideration.

Motion passed 31-0

Motion by Don Heflin, second by Patrick Hill to establish a new committee to draft a Future Point Master Plan with estimated, costs, labor and time to be presented in increments to the Board for consideration, discussion and implementation.

Motion passed 28-0

Mussel Inspection Procedures – Jerry Ahrens –

There are 70 volunteers from various local areas. This year the procedure has changed from “self” certification to being certified by a trained inspector. Every boat must be screed by an “inspector” who will sign and stamp your certificate. The certificate must be renewed every two weeks. Non compliance can result in a fine up to $2,000.

Open Discussion

An incident at the Point was brought to the attention of the General Membership by Kathy Hill. A young girl who was very intoxicated fell out of the back of a truck. The truck load of other young people drove off, leaving her on the ground. Fortunately, she was not badly injured. The concern was not only for the girl. But “What is the liability in this type of situation?” Does it reach out to all property owners or just to the owner of the invited the guest? Follow up from the Board was requested.

Nominations for new RDR Board of Directors for 2011-2012.

Joanne Russell, Ken McAlister and John Crass terms have expired. Three new Board Members are needed to fill the vacant positions.

Nominations were open and the following property owners were nominated and accepted the nominations. Jerry Ford, Jess Felgenhauer, Kelly Lobo and Gary Bosman. Joanne Russell and Thelma Bell were also nominated and both declined the nomination.

The new Board of Directors are: Jerry Ford, Jess Felgenhauer and Kelly Lobo.

Meeting was adjourned at 11:35 am.

Respectfully submitted,

Connie Flowers, Secretary pro tem.