Meeting Minutes, 2014

SLO Running Deer Ranch Co, Inc

2014 General Membership Meeting

May 25, 2014


Call to Order; The meeting was called to order by Pres. Don Bullard at 9:05am followed by the Pledge of Allegiance. He indicated we would be following the agenda and there would be a time at the end to discuss any matters. The goals of this meeting include the Financial report, budget for next year, information on last year’s activities by the board, election of 4 new officers and concerns and direction the membership had for the next year. He asked anyone making a motion, to state their name. He dedicated this meeting to the memory of a recently lost founding member, Harvey Lobo.

Roll Call; Sec. Chuck Enterline had board members indicate their presence and tell where they lived. There was 100% attendance by the current RDR board. Owners introduced themselves.

Chuck gave a record of the board member’s attendance at the 8 meetings. There was an 86% attendance by board members overall.

Chuck reported on the 5 goals for the board as outlined in the 2013 General Meeting. Those included

1-Funding and improvement for Aluffo, point and launch ramp.

2-Increase mussel compliance and owner accountability.

3-Begin developing a long range plan for Running Deer

4-Look at ways to improve the launch ramp

5-Proceed with approved by-law changes

Presidents Opening Remarks;

It has NOT been a great rain year. We received between 8 ½ to 9 ½ inches which is about 40% normal. This is our third year of a drought.

The RDR board had 5 goals for the year as directed by the membership at last year’s meeting, which we worked on. We accomplished most of what the membership had directed us to do. We have remained in a solid financial state with transparency and accountability to our members. We have remained very professional in our efforts and our main concern has always been what is best for Running Deer both now and in the future and followed theapproved by-laws. Our board has done a lot of work this year. We want to thank you for all your support. We still have concerns over motor cycle riding at the point area. It is very important to all of us to keep the launch ramp gate LOCKED. Don discussed issues with our non-profit tax status and attempts to get it fixed right. Louise has done a tremendous job in getting this fixed right.

Treasure’s Report (FISCAL Year ending 2014 Financial Report) Louise Oganesian, our treasurer distributed and reviewed the SLO County RDR Financial report for Fiscal Year ending 2014 (see attached). She based her proposed budget upon Dues remaining the same at #300/member. After presenting her report, Jim Hill made a motion and Jerry Ford seconded it, The membership accepted the treasure’s report as stated as well as the proposed budget for 2014-15. The motion passed.

Leo Kennedy made a motion and Jim Hill seconded it that We keep RDR dues the same. The motion passed.

Committee Chairman Reports and Discussion;

—Point/Roads; Don reported there are issues on the left side of our launch ramp. The board looked into a wake boom, but found Monterey County opposed and the costs prohibitive. We brought in rocks around the curve and are working on stopping erosion. We are not sure what to do with the right side of the ramp. Jerry Reese proposed possibly using water bars of cement and reinforcing with gunite. Several people requested an extension be made to the current ramp or an alternative launch site be evaluated. Leo Kennedy proposed the new board look into this issue.

Don reported we have been, and likely to continue, using Fredrick’s to maintain Aluffo. Fredrick’s by far is the best deal even though we are not opposed to other bids. Don asked Fredrick’s for a 3 year plan for Aluffo. Fredrick’s proposed to hot patch the shoulder, prepare for a possible El Nino year, seal it with crack seal and seal 1/3 of Aluffo this year. The next two years we would finish the remaining 2/3 of the road at a cost of $15,000 each year. With that, WE should get 5-7 years of a good road

—Docks; Jessie Felgenhauer reported that Monterey County is coming out with new dock rules for the lake as well as the co-op dock issues. He suggested dock owners team up or have some kind of a plan if we get some heavy rains. We don’t want docks loose on the lake. Jesse Reese reported on the Dragon Dock with 10 owners. He indicated it is a very slow process. It was reported that Monterey County is tending towards the co-op, multiple slip docks and less toward individual docks.

—Fire Tanks/Call Tree: Leo reported a new calling list is available. He indicated the fire wagon at the Oganesian’s needs new hoses and could be handled for around $200. It was reported that Maple Canyon has a working fire wagon as well. Don reported there are multiple issues regarding the donated fire truck water wagon and suggested it may not be a good idea to keep and maintain it. The new board will take up this issue.

—Main Gate and Point Keys: Don reported all is working well

—Mussel Report; Chuck indicated there were new issues since Lake Piru was found contaminated. Cachuma now has a new 30 day quarantine. A new duplicate Mussel Inspection form is in use and Chuck has the forms available to all RDR inspectors. It was asked how many qualified inspectors RDR has. Chuck reported the issue was not the total number of qualified number, but how many actually volunteered their time. (Not many).

Website/Correspondence; Chuck reported very little correspondence. Nick is maintaining our web site.

—SNRA Report; Carl Steinkraus reported the SNRA is proposing doing the same thing we are proposing on Aluffo for the roads maintained by SNRA. Leo reported SNRA is in need of a secretary.

—–NRWMAC Report; Don and Chuck serve as co-representatives for Running Deer. He gave a brief summary of all the good support NRWMAC has provided us. The major project NRWMAC is working on is to create a pipeline between lake Nacimiento and San Antonio. If this happens, it would mean ample water for both lakes except in extreme drought years. Currently NRWMAC is working on reducing the release amount from 60cfs to 20cfs. Don reported many clubs are donating money to NRWMAC and suggested we do the same. Karl Steinkraus made a motion and Don Heflin seconded it, that RDR donate $1000. to NRWMAC. Motion passed.

Goals for Next Year; Don summarized we have the same first 4 goals as last year and the board would consider a fifth.

Replacement of 4 RDR Board of Directors; Don Bullard, Louise Oganesian, Bob Boals andChuck Enterline terms are up. The membership voted in the following new RDR board members for 2014-2015; Bob Boals, Louise Oganesian, Carol Bosman, Brenda McKalister.

Meeting adjourned at 10;30am.

After the meeting the new board elected the following officers;


Jerry Reese. President
Kelly Lobo. VP
Bob Boals. Secretary
Louise Oganesian Treasurer

The first board meeting will be July 26, 2014 at Louise’s house 9;00am.

Respectively, RDR Sec. Chuck Enterline