Meeting Minutes, 2013

SLO Running Deer Ranch Co, Inc
2013 General Membership Meeting
May 26, 2013

Call to Order; The meeting was called to order by Pres. Don Bullard at 9;00am followed by the Pledge of Allegiance. Don addressed the membership indicated the meeting should last between an hour and hour and half. He indicated we would be following the agenda and there would be a time at the end to discuss any matters.

Roll Call; Sec. Chuck Enterline had board members indicate their presence. There was 100% attendance by the current RDR board. Owners introduced themselves.
Chuck gave a record of board members attendance at the 8 meetings. 6 of the 8 had 100% attendance and 2 had 71%. That is an excellent record.

Presidents Opening Remarks; The purpose of our SLO Running Deer Ranch, Co, Inc. is two fold. 1-The oversight of the point easement 2- added in was the maintenance of Aluffo Rd. It is also the RDR board’s responsibility to insure the rules and regulations voted by the membership are followed, as well as oversight for spending our money. 90% of our dues goes to Aluffo Rd maintenance. We continue to look for potential and feasible improvements such as the wave attenuating devices, ramp improvements and community development at the point. Don indicated we are NOT a homeowners or any kind of group association.
There is a crisis going on over the Mussel issue we must and are addressing. Running Deer had been placed on a “HIGH RISK” by having an uncontrolled launch ramp. This had the potential to have the state actually close our ramp. Since then, we installed a locked gate on our ramp, updated a non-duplicate key system and Robin Dickerson (Calif. state Mussel Project Specialist ) since them removed us from this “HIGH RISK” status. A new issue is emerging whereby some Running Deer owners (or guests) with proper keys are launching without proper mussel permits. This puts back on a “threat” level because IF the state finds out people are launching their boats from the Running Deer ramp, without permits, they could close us down. There is a $2000. fine associated with being on the lake without a proper permit.

Chuck Enterline attended a NRWMAC meeting in Paso at the beginning of May. Chuck reported to the membership updates; Some value piece broke in our dam forcing them to shut down the huge release schedule they HAD planned…NEW release schedule keeps plenty of water in the lake all summer and the RDR ramp will be usable until maybe 2nd week in SEPT…(based on current the current status)In one other matter there is a proposal to build a pipeline from Naci to San Antonio sending excess water from Naci to San Antonio. San Antonio holds 3 times the water Naci does and excess water is just dumped out the dam here. This could manage plenty of water for BOTH lakes even in times of drought. NRWMAC is hoping for funding from farmers or some source.

The following people were thanked by Don and the board for their contributions;
-John Swift for the 400 gallon fire truck
-Bob Boals for 1 of the 2 concrete tables now at the point including pick up, transport and delivery (the other one was purchased by our funds)
-Mark Draganchuk for a donation of a brand new high quality HD camera for our main front gate (also thanks to Jerry Ahrens and Carl Steinkraus for installation AND maintenance)
-Jessie Felgenhauer for use of his property during Memorial weekend for parking
-Kelly Lobo for assisting in the research and purchasing of the 5mph bouys helping protect our ramp.

Treasure’s Report (2013 Financial Report) Louise Oganesian, our treasurer distributed and reviewed the SLO County RDR Financial report for 2013-2014 (see attached).   She stated the goal this past fiscal year was to make us “Non-Profit” Compliant with IRS & State laws.   She is working with the Accountant for proper filing of the 2012-2013 taxes due later this summer.  Our previous years taxes had been filed as a Non Profit HOA (HomeOwners Association) which we are NOT an HOA per our Articles of Incorporation.  So, to comply with “non-profit” regulations and reduce bank fees, the board voted to make bank changes.  RDR now holds 2 seperate accounts at RABObank.  A Checking Account for Current Year operating expenditures and  a Savings Account for ALL Reserve Accounts.  She explained, that the proposed balanced budget was the Operating Budget for fiscal year 2013 – 2014 (aka Checking Account).  That page 2 showed  ALL the current balances in the Reserve Funds (aka Savings Account),  and what we propose to transfer into the SAVINGS ACCOUNT per previous boards mandated formula for allocation of reserves.  She further explained that the current Board voted, that all funds not spent by fiscal year-end are to be transferred to the the ALUFFO Road Capital Expenditure reserve fund.  The Board’s reasoning being that Aluffo Road includes the Launch Ramp (as it is technically the end of Aluffo Road) and this road/ramp will need some major maintenance in the upcoming years as would be discussed later in the meeting. (see attached).
She indicated the state wants to call us home owners, but we are a non-profit organization. 87% of our funds goes to Aluffo maintenance.
MOTION; Chuck Enterline made a motion to accept the Treasurer’s report as stated and in print, there was second and it passed with no “nays”. 26 voted YES

Committee Chairman Reports and Discussion;
—Point/Roads; Don reported the point was in good shape and we have been working on squirrel holes. The roads are in good shape, but the shoulders have little base and with heavy boats, equipment there will be damage. Eventually we wil need to finish crack sealing. We could have issues if we face a heavy rain year. As the water lowers, we will be inspecting our ramp and looking at various methods to reduce erosion there. Heavier boats are making larger waves.
MOTION; Leo Kennedy moved we keep our RDR dues at the same level as last year, there was second and it passed with no “NAYS” (27 votes YES)
—Docks; Jessie Felgenhauer reported a 150’ distance must be maintained from our ramp to the nearest dock. Additional docks at this time are in question. Dock owners need to police themselves.
—Master Plan; Bob Boals reported he looked into wave-attenuating devices with a 300’ wake barrier. Both were to expensive to consider. Oak Shores pulled their telephone poles out they were using as there may be some issue with the creosote in the poles impact on the lake. Two new cement tables are now at the point. They cost $800. each and Bob provided pick up, transport and delivery. The Co-OP dock is still in the works. There are still spots available. Please contact Wayne Woodward. Don Bullard also pointed out there has been no formal proposal to the board yet for this project.
—Fire Tanks/Call Tree Chuck reported our fire wagon at the Oganesian’s had been filled with water and ran. It was operating fine and some algae build up needed still to be dealt with. Don cautioned members that June 15 was the last day for fire permits. Open fires with the wind could easily get out of control. Leo reported the emergency call list is online and there are some issues with getting it printed from that source.
—Main Gate and Point Keys Jerry reported the main gate belongs to Running Deer, but the open mechanism is paid for by SNRA. A new back power system is operational now. If the gate fails to function, remove the two crank handles and open the gate. Call either Jerry Ahrens (239-0367) or Carl Steinkraus (237-1182). Use your gate key for Gage Irving gate.
—SNRA Report Leo wanted to thank Jerry Ahrens and Carl Steinkraus for their time as SNRA representatives. On this side of the creek, their has been considerable maintenance, weed spraying, emergency tree cleanup. We are in the third year of a three year plan. Completing of the chip and seal will be soon. For 2014 the plan is to chip and seal from the Oganesians to Aluffo.
—Mussel Inspections /Website/Correspondence Chuck reported on a new form being used this year, but the 2012 form is still acceptable. Members are encouraged to consider the annual pass of the resident program.. For information, go to;

Chuck reported we get more SPAM than letters on our e-mail.

Request of Join RDR and need for Bylaw Change…Discussion on Member Request to Acquire the Point; Don pointed out that to allow a person to join the RDR membership outside the By Laws APN numbers, required a 30 day notice and a vote to change the By Laws. UNKNOWN (Correction needed) addressed the membership and formally asked if he and Brian McCardy (a 3 family ownership) be able to join. He is located behind the RDR gate, but due to some technicalities, when the RDR ranch was sold and divided into parcels, his area was not sold yet, thus his area was left out of the APN numbers we have in our by-laws. Don pointed out the pros (another dues paying member) and the cons (need to change our by-laws which require a 66% YES) to accepting his offer.
Motion; Joanne Russell moved we accept his request and add the appropriate APN numbers to our By-Laws as well as any necessary documents to Jesse Felgenhauer. Motion carried with no “NAYS” (27 YES)
OPEN DISCUSSION; Jesse discussed the proposal to sell the point to the membership and concluded it was virtually impossible. There is a chance it could have been done years ago, but not now. It is neither fiscally or formally feasible.

Don thanked past President Mike Brannon for his help with the board this past year. A special thanks to Louise Oganesian for her countless hours and commitment to assuring our compliance with the State of California. All the board’s efforts are of a volunteer nature.
Also, Leo Kennedy for his many contributions helping Louise.

Replacement of 3 RDR Board of Directors; Kelly Lobo, Jessie Felgenhauer and Jerry Ford terms expire. They can be re-elected. Kelly Lobo, Jessie Felgenhauer were re-elected with 27 votes YES, no NAYS and Jerry Reese was elected with 27 votes;

2013-1014 RDR BOARD;

Don Bullard…………..President
Bob Boals……………..Vice-President
Chuck Enterlinie…… Sec.
Louise Oganesian…. Tres.
Kelly Lobo…………… Board Member
Jerry Reese…………. Board Member
Jess Felgenhauer…….Board Member
Leo Kennedy/Carl Steinkraus… SNRA Reps