Winter Update 2014

Dear RDR Members,

As we open the New Year so far it does not look good for our lake. The current elevation is approximately 725, with the top of the dam and our launch ramp around 800ft. We are basically out of launch ramp. Small fishing boats with 4 wheel drive vehicle can still be launched but that is about it. We have had only about 1/2 inch of rain since 1 October 2013, the beginning of the rain season. No large storms are forecasted in the next 10 days. The lake release is at the minimum of 60 CFS but the water is still going down with nothing coming in. Lake San Antonio is below minimum pool and there is no launching of boats. We will need numerous good storms with a lot of rain between now and April if the lake is going to be useable this coming season. Pray for another “miracle March” as we had a few years back.

Nacimiento Regional Water Management Advisory Council (NRWMAC) -. This organization has been around for awhile and Norm Flowers was active in it. RDR now has a member on the Board. The purpose of the organization is coordinate with county and state organizations that impact decisions about Nacimiento’s water release and put forth recommendations to preserve the lake. The Council is made up of representatives from participating communities and private owners around the lake. They also interface with the state and county’s mussel program leaders.

Docks – those owners that have a dock on the point are reminded to send a request to the board, with required paperwork, to continue to moor their dock for the coming year. Dock approval is on a yearly basis by the Board. Docks must be kept in good condition and moored properly. The request should be received by the Board by 15 Feb, 2014, so that permission forms required to register with Monterey County can be mailed out the beginning of March.

If we do get the much needed rain owners must be ready to tend to their docks as rapidly rising water can set a dock free or have it become a navigational hazard.

The group heading up the co-op dock is moving forward with their request to Monterey County to gain permission to moor their dock on the Point. The Board has given preliminary approval to the group awaiting the County’s decision and comments, final location definition and final structural plans.

Launch Ramp – many thanks to Bob Boals and Jerry Reese who worked hard with their equipment to add rock along the left side of the ramp on the curve. This will help with erosion and help control the drop off where some trailers bottomed out last year. More rock will be added to the ramp in the future.

Aluffo Road – Depending on the rain, major work is being planned for the road from the launch ramp up around the big curve. The road has many widening cracks and there is shoulder deterioration. The work will most likely cause road closure to the launch ramp for short periods of time. When we have a schedule of closures we will send out an email to all owners.

2014 Dues – This year’s dues will again be due 1 April 2015. The notice will be sent out in Feb. Please ensure we have your proper mailing address. The dues for this year will again be $425, $300 for RDR and $125 direct pass through for SNRA dues.

Mussel Inspection Program – The required 21 day current mussel inspection certification is still in effect for all boats to launch. There is some confusion with the state CF license sticker as it came with an addition sticker for the mussel program. That sticker only means you paid your fee to support the State’s mussel program. It does not relieve the requirement for the current 21 day certification be in your boat when on the water. The inspection is community and launch ramp specific. You cannot leave the community and launch elsewhere even with a current certification unless your boat and trailer have been banded.

We highly encourage all RDR members who store their boats on their property to sign up for the Resident Program. You go on SLO County website and fill out the application, submit the required paperwork. Once accepted you will be notified of a mussel awareness class you must attend to receive your Resident sticker. With the sticker you are no longer required to have 21 day inspections. If you must take your boat in for service it can be banded and as long as it is intact when you return your sticker for no inspections is still valid. One of our mussel inspectors can do the banding and validation. We really need as many people to sign up for this as possible as we have had an enormous burden on our volunteer inspectors last season. We even had some boats launch without the certification because they said they could not find an inspector. Not only do they risk a $2000 fine but more importantly they risk having our launch ramp closed. As stated in RDR rules and regulations members are fully responsible for ensuring their guests have a valid certification prior to using the RDR launch ramp.

Bad News. Recently lake Piru in Ventura County was found to have a quagga mussel infestation. They had an active mussel inspection and banding program at the public ramps. We don’t think they have any private ramps. The county and state are still deciding what to do including maybe closing the lake. It has also been rumored that because of this Lake Cachuma may be considering re-instituting their 14 day quarantine. That will mean you must have your boat inspected, banded and stored at their site for 2 weeks before you can launch. Pretty drastic but it is an example of how serious the problem is and what steps counties and the state may take. For lake Nacimiento the county and state mussel coordinators are developing a response plan if mussels are found. It is unknown at this time what that plan is but it could include some of these measures. NRWMAC is working with them and will let us know when the plan is put out.

Fire – RDR remains in a severe fire hazard area with the lack of rain. Even small camp fires can pose a real risk as was evidence in the Glendora fire. SLO County is not issuing any private burn permits at this time. They do issue special Ag burn permits but they do not apply to RDR. There should be absolutely no burning within the confines of RDR at this time.