Memorial Day 2013

SLO County Running Deer Ranch Company, Inc.
Spring Update
Memorial Day Weekend
May 2013

The Lake – Given the below normal rain amount we received this year the lake is below the last 2 years’ mark at the beginning of this season. The water level reached its peak in April and is now on its way down. The lake release has varied considerably over the last few weeks. The Nacimiento Regional Water Management Advisory Council (NRWMAC) had initially indicated the lake would be lowered to a very low level to repair a dam pipeline issue. Recently, RDR became a member of the council and at last meeting, which Chuck Enterline attended, they said the repair had been delayed due to a parts issue and we should have water to launch boats until September. But this can always be adjusted if there are new developments. Currently there is approximately 200 linear feet of launch ramp under water. The Towne Creek Island across from the launch is only about 3 feet underwater and the first hazard buoys are on the surface so please be careful in that area.

Aluffo Rd and the Point – Aluffo Rd has had a lot of work done the past year with patching and crack sealing. There is more to be done this season, concentrating on finishing the crack sealing and patching shoulder areas that are deteriorating. We are planning for a major chip and sealing in the next 2 years and we are putting funds in the budget reserve to accommodate the future required work. This will be a major project to add material to the road to give us another 6-7 years.
The Easter weekend Point work Party was a huge success again. Thanks so much for all who could attend as we accomplished a lot. We did a lot of road patching and squirrel hole abatement as well as cleaning debris from Point, trimming trees and raking leaves. This annual event has proven to help us get ready for the season and we need all members who can make it to attend. Special thanks to Louise Oganesian and Jerry Ahrens for fixing the great Tri-Tip Launch.
The Board voted to purchase No Wake Buoys to be placed 200 feet from the launch to help with safety for boats launching and to curb wake erosion to the ramp.
The Board also purchased a concrete picnic table for the Point. The Bob Boals family also donated one. We thank them so much for making the purchase and doing the delivery. These will be lasting improvements to the Point.
Please help keep the Point and Launch Ramp gates locked. This not only helps ensure that only members and authorized guests are allowed, it helps reduce our risk of a mussel certification violation which possibly foster the closure of our ramp. The new locks with non-duplicable keys has been another security improvement which will help with both issues

Docks – All members that currently have a dock on the Point must have a permission form from the RDR Board to receive their Monterey County permit. To receive the form they must have paid their dues and provided the dock chairman a copy of their liability insurance. Members desiring a new dock on the Point must submit a formal request to the Board for approval before placing a dock. The request must include the requested location of the dock on the Point. All docks owners must ensure their docks are moored property and do not become a navigational hazard or damage other owner’s docks.
Note: No docks may be moored closer than 150 feet to the right side of the launch ramp at the water’s edge.

Fire – The fire season is on us very early. Las Tablas fire station was manned a month earlier than normal, even though they were called away for the Camarillo fire. With the lack of rain the weeds are already high and brown. Good weed abatement is a must, but you must ensure you have a spark arrestor on your equipment and that you do weed eating very early in the morning. Cal Fire will be making inspections and issue citations if proper weed clearance is not maintained. Open fires are not allowed and BBQs should be closely monitored, especially if it is windy. This is a VERY serious concern this year so all owners/members must be very vigilant.

SNRA – SNRA has contracted a lot of work recently on Gage Irving Rd and Running Deer Road and it will continue throughout the season. They have been doing tree trimming, patching and crack sealing. Pleas obey the caution and detour signs.

Mussel Inspections – The county inspection program remains the same this year. You MUST have a current inspection certificate within the last 21 days on every watercraft to be on the lake. Failure to do so risks a $2000 fine. This is now a California state law. IF YOU DO NOT HAVE A CUURENT INSPECTION CERTIFICATE YOU ARE NOT AUTHORIZED TO USE THE RDR LAUNCH RAMP. You should have received an email a couple of months ago giving the information to register for the Resident Program. For those members who never take their watercraft outside of the RDR main gate this gives you a yearly pass with only one inspection. We highly recommend members register and go to the required, class as volunteer inspectors for every 21 day certifications are becoming sparse.

RDR General Membership Meeting
Memorial Day Rules and Regulations

General Membership Annual Meeting – The 2013 annual meeting will be held for all members at 9 AM on Sunday, 26 May, at Lobo’s Place on Whispering Pine Ln. We request all members to make an effort to attend so that you may give direction to the RDR Board for their actions over the next year. This meeting is your say on what is going on and what is to be done in the future. We promise to keep it orderly and as short as possible. The annual budget and 2014 dues will be voted for approval at the meeting. Your will receive committee chairman updates, and be able to voice your inputs, concerns and desires for future improvements. We will also be electing 3 new Board members. Jerry Ford, Jessie Felgenhauer, and Kelly Lobo’s terms expire. We need volunteers to help on the Board to keep RDR a place we can all enjoy.

Memorial Day Restrictions – As in the past 2 years, there will be specific restrictions for the Point and Launch Ramp for the entire weekend. Security will be on duty Friday through Sunday. If you have not paid your dues and DO NOT have your keys you will not be allowed access to the Point or launch ramp. If you paid your dues but did not sign and return the Conditional Use Permit (CUP) your access will also be denied. The security guard will only allow access to those that can present a valid RDR stamped non-duplicable key. Each owner will be provided with 2 Point parking passes on presentation of their key. The owner/member must be present to present their key to receive their passes. Their key number will be recorded on the pass. The pass must be displayed on the dashboard when parking on the Point. The key or pass may be used to show security use the launch ramp. No pass or key, no parking or launching!

There will also be parking available at Jessie Felgenhauer’s property, where marked for parking, next to the Point for members’ trailers and guest vehicles. When you register with security to get your Point passes with your key, he will give up to 3 guest/trailer passes to park at Jessie’s. The member’s key number must be on the pass as well as a contact phone number. Trailers may be left overnight, but vehicles must be removed by sunset. Vehicles left over night will be subject to being towed at the owners’/RDR members’ expense. Jessie is providing this as a very generous privilege for RDR members and their guests so please don’t abuse it.

Courtesy mussel inspection will be available on Friday at the Point from 3-6PM or on Saturday at Aloffo Rd and Las Tablas intersection from 8 AM-12 PM. You must be a member in good standing to receive the courtesy inspection and certification. Guests will be required to provide a member’s key number or property address or both. They will also be asked to donate $5 per inspection to help with the upkeep of the launch ramp. Water craft that do not have a current valid inspection certification will not be allowed past the Aluffo Rd / Las Tablas intersection.

Volunteer mussel inspectors will also post their phone numbers at the POINT.

Per RDR Bylaws, guests must be accompanied by a member on the Point at all times. If the member is not on the Point guests will be turned away. Drop off of guestS on the Point will be allowed if the member is present but the vehicle must leave immediate after drop off.

There will be no parking of trailers or RV vehicles on the Point throughout the weekend.

2 wheeled motor cycles will not be allowed on the Point for the weekend.

Golf carts, utility vehicles, 4 tracks counts as a vehicle and must have a Point pass.

No open fires on the Point.

The last 2 years, the above rules have made the Point safer and more enjoyable for all members. Remember!! Owners and members are fully responsible for their guests’ actions and conduct. Violation of RDR rules and regulations by guests or members will result in the RDR BoarD holding them accountable. This could result of revocation of good standing membership. (See Bylaws).

Have a good weekend, RDR Board
Don Bullard, President